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Towards Effective Decision-Making Through Data Visualization: Six World-Class Enterprises Show The Way

We live in an age where it is increasingly becoming important for businesses to make sense of the humongous mound of data that lie at their doorstep. Every click of the mouse, every swipe, every tweet and every check-in is further adding to this data mound. How can businesses analyze all this data and use it for effective decision-making?

The human brain finds it difficult to understand plain numbers but when the same numbers are visualized, it brings the story alive. To solve their data riddle, more and more businesses are therefore taking the data visualization route to gain actionable insights from their data. Also thanks to the developments in technology, the interactivity of these visualizations have reached a whole new level. Users no longer have to be experts in number-crunching kills to gain insights from them. Their JavaScript charts and dashboards do the job helping them identify patterns and pattern violations (trends, gaps and outliers) in the data.

This white paper highlights 6 such enterprises that have effectively used data visualization to solve their day-to-day business challenges:

  • How Walmart uses data visualization to convert real-time social conversations into inventory?
  • How Netflix plans to improve its operational visibility with dynamic data visualization?
  • How P&G uses data visualization to uncover new opportunities for growth?
  • How MailChimp uses big data & visualization to help users better segment and target their subscribers?
  • How Twitter uses data visualization to track its complex workflows?
  • How Airbnb used conditional probability models and data visualization to make its search algorithm more location relevant?
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