It is the new year and we at FusionCharts are super-excited! Not just because it is time for new beginnings and new resolutions, but also because FusionCharts Suite XT v3.10 is now out! It’s been a while since we introduced a new chart. So this time around, we thought why not surprise you and bring in three new charts, highly requested by customers, that aid in visualizing newer and bigger forms of data.   Read on to know what’s new!

The Treemap Chart

The treemap chart is modeled on the tree data structure and is used to plot hierarchical information. It is created using 2D nested rectangles, which represent the nodes and leaves of the information tree and can be compared to gain insights from the information rendered on the chart. Take a look at the live sample of a treemap chart below:
This treemap chart compares the sales team’s performance in the present year with their performance in the previous year. The employees are categorized region-wise. Drilling down and up the nodes is the mode of traversal through the treemap chart. To drill-down to a leaf node, you can directly click that node. For example, when any rectangle (node) in the Northern Region is clicked, the chart drills down to the following view: drilldown Another way to drill down the chart is to click on a parent node to view the complete cluster of nodes belonging to the parent node. There are two methods for you to drill back up. Method 1: Traverse up one level at a time
  • Click the parent node to traverse one level up at a time.


  • Click the icon below to go one level up. chart-guide-treemap-chart-introducing-the-treemap-chart-image-2
Method 2: Traverse up directly to the initial stage
  • Click the icon below to go directly to the initial stage. chart-guide-treemap-chart-introducing-the-treemap-chart-image-3

Applications of a Treemap Chart

Common use-cases represented using the treemap chart include showing the folder structure of a system. It is also used to study patterns and occurrences in a large data set. This is because the colour and the size dimensions are correlated. Click here to read more on the treemap chart.

The Zoom Scatter Chart

The FusionCharts Suite XT zoom-scatter chart is a special type of chart that extends the capabilities of the scatter chart to include the zooming and panning features. It can be seen as an extension of the scatter chart with the ability of displaying millions of data points because of the zoom and pan feature. Take a look at the sample zoom scatter chart shown below:
The chart compares the admission rate (in percent) with the average annual return on degree (in percent) for five majors and over a period of 20 years. Drag the mouse-pointer over the chart to select and zoom into a subset of data points. You can also pan through the data points to analyze the chart data in detail. The  zoom-scatter chart is primarily used to find correlations between datasets, which can be determined by the visual patterns of the data.  The chart supports regression lines that allow the user to find correlation in large datasets. Higher the number of data points, higher are the chances of more accurate correlations. The zoom-scatter chart is capable of handling more than a million data points in modern canvas supported browsers (including IE9+). Click here to read more on the zoom scatter chart.

The Zoom-line Dual Y-Axis Chart

The zoom-line dual y-axis charts extends the capabilities of the zoom-line chart by introducing support for a secondary y-axis. This chart can, therefore, be used to plot datasets that have different numeric units or different intervals—a clear advantage over using the single y-axis zoom-line chart. Take a look at the sample zoom-line dual y-axis chart shown below:
This zoom-line chart is used to compare the unique footfall with the sales (in dollars) for each day of the previous year. The zoom-line dual y-axis is similar to the zoom-line chart in every aspect, except for its support of the secondary y-axis. Click here to read more about the zoom-line dual y-axis chart. Interesting, are they not? And if you thought that was it, then no. We’ve got a lot more added and improved in the product to make sure that you have the best data visualization experience ever! Click here to read about all that v3.10.0 brings to you.

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