We used this release as an opportunity to clear out some long-pending unrelated overhauls from customers. Some requests, such as the ability to place the legend anywhere on the canvas, better data and chart export, decoupling of scrollbar and axis (for scroll charts), and so on, were addressed in this release. With the new FusionCharts release, the Data Visualization Tool allows you to export a dashboard as-is, but you can also add new elements to the exported dashboard on the fly, such as your brand logo, colors, additional data in the form of tables, and anything else that you want. Specifics can be found in the following sections:

Legend positions

Prior to this release, the legend could be placed only at bottom and right of the chart canvas. This was limiting the developers to create better variations of the charts in their applications. We have addressed this head-on in this release. Now there will be 12 places around the chart canvas where legend can be placed. The dynamic layout of the chart and its components will scale across devices and browsers for all the possible positions of the legend.

Decoupled scrollbar and axis

The scrollbar of the scroll charts was previously tightly coupled with the axis on which it was drawn. This became a concern for people, especially users of scroll bar chart and its variants. The offered solution elegantly decouples the scroll bar from the axis. Now, people can place the axis and the scrollbar on opposite sides of the canvas too. This should enable developers to create new variations of the charts.

Better export of chart data

The export of data from a lot of charts was not in a very usable format for the developers. Often they had to perform complex data cleaning operations on exported chart data. We have addressed this to a reasonable extent, and we now hope that the effort which a developer will have to put in to clean the exported data from the chart will fall down drastically. Some charts where it will be evidently visible are – Gantt chart, multi-level pie chart, spark charts, bubble chart, sunburst, treemap, candlestick, etc.

Reduce cross-site attack possibility

A religious effort has been put to reduce the security concerns which people may have when they integrate our product in their solution. Custom text provided by the users to SVG elements should not be a matter of security concern anymore. This should reduce the probability of security breaches which often get reported in enterprise software. We are committed to improving it further with more input from users, especially the enterprise software users here.

Improvements across macros, events, padding, and more …

Numerous minor improvements have been made across all the charts:
  • Unified and directed error macro support for negative and positive values in error charts.
  • Tooltip border scale improvement, especially prudent in heatmap chart.
  • Flexibility to control the number of rows in legend.
  • Label padding improvement in heatmap chart.
  • Better event parameters and control of when the events are fired.
  • Improvements of chord, sunburst, and other charts.

What next?

Some upcoming things include:
  • ๐Ÿ‘ŒCircular progress gauge
  • ๐Ÿ’ฅPattern fill
Do you have any suggestions for FusionCharts? Weโ€™d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at [email protected]. Download the FusionCharts Suite here. Buy or upgrade here.

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