We shared a charting tip a day all of June on our Twitter handle. The tips covered topics like chart selection, usability guidelines and how to make the most out of FusionCharts. In case you missed out, here are our words of wisdom put together: Tip 1: Use a column/bar chart for comparing individual values… Read More »

With the FIFA World Cup around the corner and everyone else talking about it, we felt very “uncool.” Being the brave resilient boys that we are (did you know that?), we decided to do something about it. But there's only one thing we do well – make great charts. So we researched a lot on… Read More »

Data is everywhere. It is converting it into powerful actionable information that really makes the difference. In an endeavor to help you offer a powerful reporting experience to your users, we wanted to do our bit too. Come June, we will be tweeting a tip a day for the entire month. These tips would be… Read More »

Yes. We have been talking about CeBIT non-stop for quite some time now. This will be the last time we will talk about it, for some time at least. We promise. We reached Hannover on March 1st and straightway went to check out our booth. It was almost ready when we reached there, with powerful… Read More »

Booth, brochures, CDs, flyers, visiting cards, visas, tickets, t-shirts, business suits and lots more....our preparations for CeBIT 2010 are in full swing. Here's something to show for our hard work: What our booth should look similar to One of the brochures we will be giving out at CeBIT And the CDs... Money :) When in… Read More »

We are exhibiting at CeBIT 2010, Hannover this March 2nd - 6th. We would love to have you and your colleagues visit us. And to make things easier, we are giving out free eTickets too. Just leave a comment below telling us how many tickets you need and why would you like to visit us… Read More »

We have always wanted to showcase innovative uses of FusionCharts. Firstly, to get you all excited about our product (and increase our sales) and secondly, to inspire you to explore the power of FusionCharts (and to increase our sales). We started off with the new Case Studies section on the website for this purpose, and… Read More »

We had been working pretty hard of late, or so we convinced ourselves. And to take a well-deserved break, we decided to have a day-long picnic on the outskirts of Kolkata. Last Monday, the entire team headed out to one of our team member's farmhouse 12 kms outside Kolkata. Away from the daily hustle-bustle of… Read More »