For over two decades, FusionCharts has been rooted in the fundamental promise of technology: to provide value to our clients. As the problems related to that goal have changed, we’ve kept pace. FusionCharts has repeatedly reinvented itself to overcome obstacles and keep innovation alive. We are humbled to announce yet another milestone in our journey—the issuance of US Patent No. 11,373,031 on June 28, 2022, by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). FusionCharts’s mission is to simplify the lives of developers and users alike by providing innovative, easy-to-integrate products that meet their real-time data visualization needs for web and enterprise applications. The need to manage web pages and their information on numerous devices has grown in tandem with the advancement of technology. This makes managing material across several devices more complex. Now as a solution, FusionCharts comes with a patent on several ways to implement layout designs that are not confined to any programming language. FusionCharts helps web designers who want to add graphics to their web apps that are utilized on a range of devices with varied resolutions and aspect ratios.

FusionCharts patent strengthens the company’s position as a market leader in the data visualization space

FusionCharts is proud to announce this new patent. It reflects our commitment to innovation and quality, as well as to our long-time customers. This is an important milestone in FusionCharts’s history as a company and a key asset for us to protect and grow as we continue to innovate, develop new products, and contribute to the success of all of our customers who have used our products over the years and helped us develop what we believe is one of the best JavaScript charting libraries available on the market today. It’s a significant achievement in our quest to provide world-class solutions, and FusionCharts is excited to receive this important recognition from the USPTO. We believe it reflects the significant contribution our team has made toward creating a superior product that helps companies better understand their data. FusionCharts’ patented charting library is used by thousands of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies. This recognition from the USPTO will help our company grow and reach new customers who want to use JavaScript to create beautiful business dashboards. “The issuance of this patent is a testament to our legacy of building great software and products that are intuitive and easy to use while offering unparalleled functionality,” says Kegan Blumenthal, general manager at FusionCharts and Idera Developer tools.

FusionCharts will continue to be at the forefront of product innovation and development

With extensive documentation, consistent API, and cross-browser support, FusionCharts is used by various Fortune 500 companies and the US Federal Government. FusionCharts Suite XT licenses annual licenses available for companies who want to integrate with most of the front-end and back-end technologies to build beautiful dashboards and provide packages that include maintenance, support, and regular updates. FusionCharts supports everything from mobile to web; includes complex charts and modern visualizations; and is optimized for high performance, reliability, and robustness. FusionCharts has been working hard to bring you new product updates, strengthen our companywide approach to focus our innovation efforts around the areas that matter most for our business at large, and make sure we’re working with the most important people in our industry. We believe these areas will have the most impact on our clients, industries, and the world. We also believe they’re the ones with the greatest potential for ecosystem collaboration. Innovation is the heart and soul of FusionCharts and serves as the engine to make our clients and the world work better. FusionCharts is focused on growing our product and new feature rollouts. We’ll do this by listening to what matters most for our business and customers, learning about the market needs, and using the latest trends and technology. We made enormous strides in the last year, and we plan to achieve even more in 2023.

About FusionCharts

FusionCharts Suite XT is the industry’s leading enterprise-grade JavaScript charting library with delightful JavaScript charts that work across devices, browsers (including IE 6, 7, and 8), and platforms. Using it, you can create your first chart in under 15 minutes and then choose from 100+ chart types and 2,000+ maps to give your data the best face. It comes with extensive documentation, plug-and-play versions of real-world demos, and personalized tech support. You may be surprised to learn that FusionCharts is being used by more than 28,000 customers and 800,000 developers in about 118 countries. In addition, numerous Fortune 500 companies—like Microsoft, GE, LinkedIn, Cisco, AT&T, World Bank, and many more—use the FusionCharts XT platform to structure and represent their data.

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