The recently released FusionTime 2.0 introduces support for real-time data update in charts, other improvements, and updated documentation. Check out the release notes to get more details or read below for details.

Realtime Support

A new API method – feedData has been introduced which can be used to add new data points or to update the existing ones in real-time. Users can also control the time spread to be displayed on the chart.

You can now take advantage of this API method to stream real-time data feed so that charts can automatically update themselves after every ‘n’ seconds, without any page refreshes.

Variable Canvas Height

We’ve introduced a new attribute canvasHeightProportion. This attribute can be used to control the height of different canvases in a multivariate chart. Users can specify different heights for canvases in the form of ratios, i.e., 1:2:1, 1:2:3:4, etc.

Legend Improvements

We’ve done multiple improvements to legend in this release exposing legend styling and various control options as below:

  • Users can now load charts with initial hidden data series which can be displayed by clicking on its respective legend item.
  • Users can now show or hide legend from the chart.

Other Improvements

  • Custom Range Selector in FusionTime is now mobile-responsive: This release includes multiple improvements to CRS optimizing it for usage in mobile and smaller screens; earlier CRS still unfolded a two-month calendar view and it was difficult to use it for smaller screens.
  • Support to provide custom height to the time navigator: This release enables users with ability to customize time navigator height in all time-series charts. Checkout an example here.

Coming Soon

  • ✂️ Time Axis Clipping
  • ✏️ Range Series Charts

Do you have any suggestions for FusionTime? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at [email protected].

Download the FusionTime v2.0 here. Buy or upgrade here.

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