JavaScript gauges, funnel chart and bullet graphs now available in FusionWidgets XT

Last quarter, we released FusionCharts XT with enhanced JavaScript charts to bring a delightful and homogeneous charting experience across PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices. Continuing our quest to bring rich visualizations to users across platforms and devices, we now present to you FusionWidgets XT.

All the gauges, funnel and pyramid charts, sparklines and bullet graphs that you have been relishing till now in Flash are now available for your use in JavaScript, enabling you to build dashboards that now work seamlessly on iPads and iPhones as well.

KPI Dashboard from FusionWidgets XT

Funnel, Pyramid, Column Charts and Cylinder Gauge used in a KPI Dashboard

The best of both worlds

The JavaScript version of the widgets are similar to the ones in Flash, both functionally and visually. On top of that, the long awaited capabilities like dynamic resize of gauges, support for JSON data, powerful JavaScript API and enhanced options for background images have been added as part of the new XT framework of FusionCharts Suite.

Like the Flash version, the gauges support real-time update that allow them to fetch new data from server automatically at pre-configured intervals. This is useful in monitoring applications where you need to show latest values without refreshing the page.

Angular/dial gauge from FusionWidgets

Click on the gauge to see it in action

Thermometer Gauge from FusionWidgets XT

Click on the gauge to see it in action

The bullet graphs, used for creating compact executive dashboards, also have a JavaScript avatar now.

Compact Executive Dashboard built using FusionWidgets XT, using Bullet Graphs and Spark Charts

Compact Executive Dashboard

Spark charts, compact forms of line and column charts, work great when you need to display a lot of charts in a page that has limited space.

Compact dashboard with Spark Column Charts from FusionWidgets XT

Compact dashboard with Spark Column Charts

Know more about the new features of XT framework here, or see them in action here.

Get your copy of FusionWidgets XT trial from our download center here. Or, if you are an existing FusionCharts customer and have an active Support & Upgrade Subscription, you can download the free upgrade here.

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