This March, we are showing our love as sponsors for two great events, Startup Festival and The Goa Project, both in their first editions.

Startup Festival is a 4-day event with an aim to make Bangalore one of the top ten startup hubs in the world. We believe the time for Indian software products to make an impact on the world at large has come, and what better place than Bangalore to be at the center of it. We get to see front-seat action.

Startup Festival Bangalore

As a part of the festival, we are also opening our doors (and then again) for festival goers to come and check out how we work.

The Goa Project is an unconference and festival bringing together creative people from different disciplines — music, films, art, design, technology and more — sort of like India’s SXSW. At FusionCharts, we combine technology, design and art to deliver a delightful experience with whatever we do, so it was only natural we showed our love for an idea like this. The Goa Project I will be there at both the events myself, so come say hi if you see me around.

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