Pattern fills that can be customized, responsive typography, auto-time clipping, flexible legend placements, and so much more! We hope you are as excited as we are to discover what we have in store for you in this feature-packed, gleaming new release of FusionCharts 3.16 & FusionTime 2.4! Many highly requested features are included in this release, making our Data Charts more robust, accessible, and user-friendly. In this post, we’ll go over the key features of FusionCharts 3.16 and FusionTime 2.4, as well as some interesting and well-explained examples! Let’s get started!

FusionCharts 3.16 Key Features

  • Support for Inline HTML Elements for all text elements of the chart.
  • Responsive typography: Supports relative text sizes, i.e., rem, em, %, and vw, making chart typography relative and scalable across screen sizes. 
  • Pattern fill: All chart types now have pattern fill options, and adding solid color fills further enhances chart usability, especially for print media.
  • Tooltip enhancements for Chord and Sankey Charts: Open macros to allow developers to customize tooltips for Chord and Sankey diagrams.
  • Several Improvements across axis, legend, APIs, and multiple other chart components

FusionTime 2.4 Key Features

  • Legend Improvements: New options to place charts legend at 12 different positions.
  • Auto time-axis clipping: Enhanced UX across all charts with auto-time-axis clipping when null data is present. Particularly useful in stock data plotting for situations like circuit breakers, public holidays, etc.
  • Improved Excel/CSV Export: Several improvements in the Excel/CSV export format and column headers.
  • Many other improvements across APIs, zooming/panning, data store, and other chart components 

FusionCharts 3.16 Features Examples

Pattern Fill

New support for chart pattern fill will enable the charts to be easily used in print media type of use cases that heavily relies on pattern fill over solid colors.

Support for Inline HTML Elements

We are bringing inline HTML elements to support all chart text elements, making them highly customizable and developer-friendly.

Responsive Typography

Version 3.16 supports relative text sizes, i.e., rem, em, %, and vw making chart typography relative and scalable across different screen sizes. Your charts are now more responsive and mobile-friendly!

FusionTime 2.4 Features Examples

Legend Improvements

Developers will have the new options to place charts legends at 12 different positions for improved UX.  

Auto Time-Axis Clipping

We are introducing auto time-axis clipping when null data is present. This feature is particularly useful in stock data plotting in circuit breakers, public holidays, etc., where there is null data on specific instances.

Improved Excel/CSV Export

Version 2.4 improves the Excel/CSV export format and column headers, improving consistency in exporting charts.

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  1. Hello there,
    we followed your groth and Development for years. (also n times you used Flash for your solution.)
    Now we are in the position to ask for princing when offering a small SaaS-online App, Our team of developers is 2 heads big. How much is a licence to host your solution on our side? Also one question: Is it possible to excerpt the visualization of the numbers we put in as PDF?
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