We, InfoSoft Global, have been chosen by NASSCOM as one of the top 10 emerging companies that are redefining the benchmark of excellence for the next generation of SMEs in India.

Nasscom Emerge 50 Leaders - InfoSoft Global

And in their own words: “The purpose of this initiative is to identify and recognize the great potential of companies in the making, who can be treated as role models and inspiration to others. The jury…decided to focus on a some of the key differentiators, including the presence of the company in merging/domestic markets, whether it has achieved the fastest rates of growth over the past 2- 3 years, its unique value proposition, the organizational work model i.e. the efficacy of its management team, as well as unique delivery model.” Those are indeed very kind words from NASSCOM. Notably, in the product-based company category FusionCharts is one among the two that have been selected in the top ten.

Being honored for being among the Nasscom Top 10 Emerging IT Companies of India

The FusionCharts Team here at Kolkata is elated and humbled to have received this honor from a body like NASSCOM. The news has boosted our morale no end and we wanted to share the happiness with you. The Team will be celebrating this success with appropriate gastronomic excesses this Friday evening. Check back later for photos. We promise to put up every photo that will not portray us in a light detrimental to the image of the company. Oh, and this moment of joy will be a good time for you to de-lurk, dear reader. Drop a smile in the comments. Edited – 9th September, 2009: As promised:

FusionCharts team celebrating the NASSCOM award


Want to see more of the party? Check out the entire album.

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  1. Hey, this is great news guys! Yay! 🙂