A Chord diagram is a graphical method of displaying directed relationships (flow or connection) between a set of entities. The data is arranged radially around a circle, and the relationships between the data points are typically drawn as asymmetric arcs connecting the data. Chord diagrams are ideal for comparing the similarities between groups of data, because the connections between the data are used to establish that they have something in common.

Below chord diagram shows movie collaboration between Avengers in MCU

Chord diagram has an aesthetic appeal, which makes it a favourite in the world of data visualization. It is useful-

  • For establishing relationships between the datasets
  • For identifying dominant categories with the help of coloured links

Things to remember when using Chord diagram:

  • Minimise the number of arc crossing, as the group order around the circle is important.
  • Tends to over-clutter when too many connections are displayed.

Different countries Gross Export in 2017

Use cases of Chord diagram:

Chord diagram can be used to show

  • Displacement of refugees from one country to another over a period of time
  • Establishing origin-destination relationship in international food trade
  • Tracking origins and destinations of vehicles on an interstate highway helps reduce traffic congestion
  • Analyzing the frequency of planes of a specific airline in a particular state. The same can be done with cabs as well.