The modern blockchain ecosystem has completely transformed industry solutions for agile and high-stakes problems. The blockchain revolution has an impact on a wide range of problems by providing distributed, fast, robust, and dependable solutions. Cryptocurrency is the most well-known pioneer in the field of new, blockchain-based applications. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the market now has a plethora of cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrencies are the hot topic of the current decade, there is a lot of data surrounding them. Analysts and scientists continuously seek opportunities to visualize that data efficiently. Their goal, in particular, is to create compelling data-centered findings that lead to automated and predictive applications. Because cryptocurrencies are the hottest topic this decade, there is a lot of data surrounding them. Analysts and scientists are constantly looking for ways to efficiently visualize data. Their specific goal is to generate compelling data-driven findings that lead to automated and predictive applications. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most powerful cryptocurrency datasets available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. These are datasets that can be easily analyzed and visualized using FusionCharts, a Google Charts alternative.

1. Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Dataset

We all know that Bitcoin brought the concept of cryptocurrency into reality. This  Bitcoin dataset is easily available on Google Cloud Marketplace. You can also find it on BigQuery through the Google Cloud Public Datasets program.

Here is the link to the BigQuery explorer you can use to interact with the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency dataset.

2. Ethereum Cryptocurrency Dataset

Ethereum is another cryptocurrency that leverages blockchain technology to store transactions in a distributed ledger. As one of the leading cryptocurrencies on the market, Ethereum has a vast market share. This is primarily due to its unique platform for creating decentralized applications in the digital ecosystem.

You can also use BigQuery explorer to interact with the Ethereum Cryptocurrency dataset.

3. Dash Cryptocurrency Dataset

Yet another cryptocurrency, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) run by a subset of users, called “masternodes,” runs Dash. Dash permits fast, difficult to trace transactions. Google Cloud Marketplace hosts the Dash dataset, which contains the entire blockchain. The pre-processed dataset is human-friendly and has clear metrics you can easily visualize and analyze.

Check out BigQuery explorer to see the Dash Cryptocurrency dataset.

4. Litecoin Cryptocurrency Dataset

Next is Litecoin. It uses a distributed ledger system that is more or less similar to Bitcoin. Litecoin uses the scrypt algorithm for proof-of-work and has a 2.5 minute block time. You can find it under the Google Cloud Public Datasets program.

Here is the link to the BigQuery explorer and the Litecoin Cryptocurrency dataset.

5. Zilliqa Cryptocurrency Dataset

Zilliqa is a blockchain platform that uses the concept of sharding. Because cryptocurrency markets are more accessible and analysis increases daily, Zilliqa introduced a parallel transaction execution network that handles better loads with minimum latency.

Use this link to the BigQuery explorer to check out Zilliqa Cryptocurrency dataset.

6. Polygon Cryptocurrency Dataset

After that comes Polygon. Polygon is Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchain. The Polygon SDK brings massive scale to Ethereum. Furthermore, it supports stand-alone chains and secured chains. You can also find the Polygon technology dataset on Google Cloud Marketplace for use in your data visualization and analysis projects.

Use the BigQuery explorer to view the Polygon Cryptocurrency dataset.

7. Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Dataset

Then there is Dogecoin. This is another open-source, peer-to-peer digital currency. The Dogecoin cryptocurrency dataset contains the whole blockchain. In addition, it is pre-processed to be human-friendly. It also supports everyday use cases such as auditing, investigating, so you can research the economic and financial properties of the system.

Here is the BigQuery explorer link to the Dogecoin Cryptocurrency dataset.

8. Tezos Cryptocurrency Dataset

Tezos uses yet another technology for deploying a blockchain capable of modifying its own set of rules with minimal disruption to the network. It does this through an on-chain governance model. Download the Tezos dataset on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Alternatively, use the BigQuery explorer to explore with the Tezos Cryptocurrency dataset.

9. Theta Cryptocurrency Dataset

Theta is unique because it pioneered next-generation, blockchain-powered esports entertainment platforms. In addition, Theta rewards anyone who restreams video and enables existing video platforms to deepen viewer engagement, drive incremental revenues, and reduce CDN costs. The Theta network also allows users to earn rewards by relaying video on a peer-to-peer basis. It uses excess bandwidth on any PC, mobile, Smart TV, or also IoT device.

The BigQuery explorer lets you interact with the Theta Cryptocurrency dataset.

10. Zcash Cryptocurrency Dataset

Finally, Zcash is a cryptocurrency and distributed ledger system that provides enhanced privacy by including additional cryptographic features relative to Bitcoin. This dataset contains the blockchain data in its entirety, pre-processed to be human-friendly and to support everyday use cases such as auditing, investigating, and researching the economic and financial properties of the system.

Here is the link to the BigQuery explorer that you can use to interact with the Zcash Cryptocurrency dataset.

As you can see, in addition to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, there is also massive market adoption. The result is industry giants are taking notice. Google is a huge tech company. Generally speaking, the fact that its Cloud Marketplace publicly provides the datasets for cryptocurrencies really establishes the credibility of this distributed ledger technology.

These datasets available on Google Cloud Marketplace are highly pre-processed. Because of this, you can use them for your visualization and analysis with minimum intervention. Best of all, FusionCharts is highly optimized for dealing with these large datasets. It is the perfect out-of-the-box visualization solution for your dashboards and applications.

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