We are exhibiting at CeBIT 2010, Hannover this March 2nd – 6th. We would love to have you and your colleagues visit us. And to make things easier, we are giving out free eTickets too.

Meet the FusionCharts team at CeBIT 2010

Just leave a comment below telling us how many tickets you need and why would you like to visit us. It is not too much of a question really – we just like feeling important once in a while 🙂 Here’s what to expect from us at CeBIT (and some reasons you could pick from for the comment):
  • We will be showcasing oomfo, our soon-to-come charting tool for PowerPoint. In case you haven’t heard of it, get a glimpse. [Update: oomfo public beta now out]
  • We are working on a new version of FusionCharts and your ideas and suggestions can go a long way in shaping it up.
  • We will be showcasing demos made specifically for the event, and new products coming soon from our stable — FusionCharts for Joomla, FusionCharts for jQuery graphs, FusionMaps for Flex and FusionCharts Pro for FileMaker v3.
  • We will have lots of gifts to give out.
And yes, some rules:
  • Please enter your correct email addresses when posting the comment – that is the only way we can reach you.
  • We will give out a maximum of 5 passes per person (including your own)
  • We have a total of 400 tickets left, so they will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.
So what are you waiting for? Get typing now.

Take your data visualization to a whole new level

From column to donut and radar to gantt, FusionCharts provides with over 100+ interactive charts & 2,000+ data-driven maps to make your dashboards and reports more insightful

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86 responses on “Comment to win free passes to CeBIT 2010, Hannover

  1. Hi Fusioncharts team!
    I’m from a Munich-based Startup called 12poll.com
    we would like to visit you at the cebit because of two reasons
    a) we use the fusioncharts/powercharts/fusionmaps/fusionwidgets enterprise package
    b) we love it
    thanks for your great software and i hope to see you soon on the cebit

  2. All the best for CeBIT. Would love to visit your stall.

  3. Hi,
    We are a software house and we are interesting in includin FusionCharts in our web applications. We’d like to visit you there and see what is on schedule as next version of the awesome FusionCharts.
    We’ll be there from 4th to 6th of March 2010. We need 2 e-tickets.

  4. Hi there,
    We are interested in using FusionCharts on our website and are planning to attend CeBIT 2010. This would be a great opportunity to discuss things with you and allow us to take a look at just how it works. We only need the 1 ticket.
    Looking forward to meeting you in March.

  5. thank you for this oppertunity to win free entry tickets to cebit. i am visiting the show for the first time. my business is in the design of the new electric car that will function on its own weight, [different to all the other designs that are on the market].i will be at the show from 02/03/2010 to 06/03/2010 . i would like to come and see your exhibit, if i have free tickets i will make it my special business to visit you and talk with you.thank you mark wozencroft

  6. Hi,
    I am visiting to look for partnerships for software development .
    Harshvir SIngh Jaspal

  7. hello
    I will be there for 3 days. Will surely be interested.
    Inderbeer Kaur

  8. Hi guys,
    it would be very nice if you can send me two tickets for the CeBit 2010.
    The last years I only saw it on TV but this year I want to be one of the persons in Hannover. And as a present I would take my wife with me 🙂
    So thank you very much !
    Best regards
    Max Steinert

  9. @Erik: Thanks a lot for your kind words 🙂 Have sent you the tickets on your mail — hope you got them.
    @Shalin: Thanks a lot. We would love to see you there.
    @Vangelis: We would love to show you what FusionCharts offers and our plans for the next version too. Have sent you 2 tickets.
    @Mark, @Harshvir, @Inderbeer: Hope you got the tickets. Look forward to seeing you at CeBIT.
    @Max: Yes please come see CeBIT in person this time. Look forward to meeting you and your wife 🙂
    Who else wants free passes to CeBIT? Come get them soon. The passes are going like hot cakes 🙂

  10. We’ve been using FusionCharts for a while now in its open source version and i can only say that’s a great product.
    We’d love to visit FCF charts stand at Cebit so if you could make arrrive us 4 tickets we’ll be pleased to be able to see you in your stand.

  11. Hi:)
    I would be realy happy if a could visit you at CeBit:)

  12. Hey there,
    I would be glad to also get some tickets.

  13. Hi,
    I’m interessted in FCF because I startet am small GPL World of Warcraft guild portal software for my own guild. Now I’m searching for a chart library to implement with the statistics and FCF looks the most promising.
    Also the nice upcoming feature for jQuery (which I decided to use there) sounds special intressting.
    Would be nice to talk about 🙂
    With 2 tickets my programming partner could also attend.

  14. Excited about the show, and all the new stuff I’ll be seeing.
    Hoping that 2010/11 will be a better year than 2009. Good luck with the Show.
    Both my colleague and myself will be attending on the 2nd and 3rd. so 4 tickets please.

  15. Hi! Me and my friends are just technology lovers. We are from Spain. My friends just come from there to see the ceBit. We are 4, including me, and I’m sure it’ll be really interesting to such important event!

  16. We’re planning a Reporting Service and I saw your product on LinkedIn and liked very much. 2 tickets please 😉

  17. Me and 3 more fellow engineers (we need 4 tickets) working for the Space Industry are interested to see which improvements have been done on the testing and validation area for such industry. It will be also our first time there 🙂

  18. Hi there! As a software engineer who is currently working with jQuery to create a chart based web-based application, FusionCharts seems to be an interesting application! So me and my team (4 tickets in total) would love to go check it out!

  19. Hey,
    I plan to go to CeBIT 2010 to explore the news in Business IT. Me and my business partners are planning to go there (4 tickets).

  20. Hi Fusioncharts team,
    I’m a businessman and need to present almost everyday some presentation and it is important to have a good looking presentation and it is the first time that I see such a tool…and to be honest with you guys, it looks really great! I have 3 more interested pearsons interested in taking a look into this and would need totaly 4 tickets.
    Cheers and good luck for you guys.

  21. Hello, I’m currently working with business intelligence reports, and by what it seems, FusionCharts could be a really useful and innovating tool, providing the improvement of all kind of charts generation like animated or real-time…
    Obviously, it would be my first time at Hannover too!
    Regards, Gustavo

  22. Hi!
    We are 4 engineers who are from a small startup based in Karlsruhe who are very interested in your charts technology integration with Adobe Flex, and would also like to attend CeBIT 2010 🙂

  23. Hi
    We are start-up company in the domain of mobile applications, and we would be interested in getting two tickets.
    Thanks in advance!

  24. Hi guys,
    I am currently working in Germany (Space Agency) and would love to attend CeBIT in 2010. I would like to get one ticket.
    Thanks in advance,

  25. Hi there,
    We are interested in using FusionCharts on our website and are planning to attend CeBIT 2010. This would be a great opportunity to discuss things with you. I only need 1 day ticket.
    Looking forward to meeting you in Cebit.
    Best Regards

  26. Hi,
    We are interested in one or two tickets.
    Your product looks interesting to us for our weekly reporting.
    (according to the glimpse at least)
    Best regards,

  27. Awesome. Love the comments pouring in.
    @Iago, @Honorato, @Thomas, @Eisstern, @Prea, @Dani, @Tiago, @Jose, @Miguel , @Gustavo, @João:
    I have sent the eTicket codes to you. Hope you received them and were able to register yourself successfully.
    @Tibor: What email address should I send the tickets to?
    @Tiago Daniel: You did not make us feel important by telling us why you would like to visit us 🙁 Do you at all plan to visit us? 😉

  28. Hi FusionCharts team,
    Of course you are important 😉 My idea is to check how to improve the test campaign using a tool like FusionCharts and see the tests running and being reported with this tool on a real time basis.
    Of course, I’ll visit you 😉
    Best Regards

  29. Hi F.C. team,
    I’m working for Technical University of Munich, studying the growth of bacterias on the fish at high pressure. Me and my peers, we found your tool quite helpfull to present results and would be interessant to meet you at CeBIT.
    Can you please, send me 5 tickets?
    Yours trully!

  30. Hallo!
    We are a 4 member start-up company working in projects related to mobile devices and space technology. We have never been to CeBIT as we have recently came to Germany and this is a great chance for us to visit this most interesting information system state of the art expo. If you can still give us four tickets, we will sure be happy to meet you there this year.
    Best regards!

  31. Hi
    We are authors of a Digital Asset Management solution for TV/film, advertising agencies and eLearning providers, and going to CeBIT to meet potential new partners from all over Europe.
    Two tickets will be appreciated.

  32. Hi fusionteam,
    We are using fusion charts for many of our projects. The main reason for what we would like to take part is to see how fusioncharts is going to work with jquery and we would like take part in such a knowledge sharing event.

  33. Hello,
    Interested in charting solutions. Would be plesure to meet you in CEBIT (need 1 ticket)
    Kind regards

  34. As a system I admin I have to make monthly reports for our system.
    I want to see oomfo in action, and look if it might be interesting.
    I would like to have 2 tickets.

  35. Hi,
    Always interested in innovation, CeBit is the place to go. For that I would like 2 tickets so I can spend a weekend among the brights ideas for 2010.

  36. Hello
    My collegue Cedric has contacted you. If that’s possible, I’d appreciate two more tickets.
    Thanks a lot!

  37. Hi guys,
    We are interested in your products and are planning to attend CeBIT 2010. This would be a great opportunity to discuss things with you. I only need 1 day ticket.

  38. Hi there,
    Fusioncharts is incredible and I’m going to use Fusioncharts in one of my new web-projects. It would be nice to get two tickets.

  39. Hi,
    Just stumbled upon your blog and the animated charting of Oomfo looks great, will definitely come by for a demo and to understand more about how our company could use this package.
    A colleague and I will be coming on either the Weds or Thurs so if you still have two tickets left it would be great.
    Look forward to seeing you.

  40. Hi
    Me and my friends (3) almost graduate study .Honestly im intrested in photovoltaic ,hydrogen technology ,but my friends working in webdesign company .We would be very greatfull if you gave us some tickets.And of course we will visit your exposition.(4 tickets)

  41. Hi Fusionchart team,
    We woud love to see how we can work together, we are a Dutch company using Indian Programmers for mobile apps. and also outsource projects to India. Would love to discuss if we can do business together.
    When you sent us 2 tickets we will certainly visit your stand.
    Kind regards,
    Menno Krijnen
    Registered2.nl / Jobpatrol

  42. Hello,
    We are a bunch of students from Wroclaw University of Technology that are very interested in all those software and hardware solutions that are presented on CeBIT. Would you be so kind and send us 3 tickets?
    Thanks in advance,
    Kamil, Asia and Tomek

  43. Hi, as a part of a small company, we will be visiting the Cebit 2-4 march, coming from the Netherlands.
    We will be total of 10 persons.
    Since we use powerpoint for our presentations, we are interestet in your product.
    We had a glimpse of your product on youtube, and we certainly would like to have a look at it at your stand at CEBIT. It looks promising
    Can you provide us with (10) free tickets (or 2 * 5 : ) if more convenient for you )for the period of 2 to 4 march?
    Best regards, Erhan

  44. Hi,
    I am interested in oomfo Powerpoint charting tool.
    I will be visiting Cebit on 2, 3 and 4 march with 4 ohter collegues.
    We would like to visit your stand to take a closer look.
    Can you provide us with 5 free tickets for these days.
    Thank you very much

  45. Hi liked the preview on youtube of your product, could make my life easier 🙂
    since we use also Powerpoint, my colleugues are also interestet. Can we visit your stand to check it out.
    We will visit the CEBIT 2-5 march.
    Can we have tickets for these days for 5 persons.
    Kind regards
    A Tung

  46. Hi,
    we use Powerpoint a lot. I think your oomfo tool could help us a lot.
    We will be travelling to Cebit from 2-5 march and it would be a great opportunity to to see a demonstration of it at your stand on Cebit.
    Can you send us 5 tickets please?
    Thanks and see you at the CEBIT

  47. hello
    we are students from Wrocław University of Technology. in this year we ride on CeBit first time. it would be very nice if you can send me two tickets for the CeBit 2010.
    Why?: because we study Computer Science & Management and woudl like meet many people and you 😉

  48. Hi,
    I represent the student association empHT of the course Human Technology at The Hague University. Our students want to visit the CeBIT 2010 ofcourse and these tickets would provide us the opportunity to take 5 more students with us. The trip itself from The Hague to Hannover is kind off a big budget problem in itself.
    And of course I need not remind you students probably give more presentations in a year than most companies 😉 Also, in Human technology, getting the message across is the most important, so you need the right tools, such as oomfo.
    Thanks in advance, see you there?

  49. Would love to visit your stall.

  50. hi
    I plan to go to CeBIT 2010 to find new IT soloution for my Oil and Gas co.. Me and my business partners are planning to go there (so 4 tickets please).

  51. Hi all
    its nice to use FusionCharts on in making flsh charts,

  52. Hello, Fusioncharts
    Are interested in 2 tickets for cebit 2010
    Best Jan Wiebe Klijnsma
    The netherlands

  53. Hi,
    We’re visit the CEBIT with 5 collegues on 2-3 march . Of course we’d like to see your demo. I’ve watched it on youtube. I’m a Joomla user, so this part will be interesting aswell.
    Best regards, Marc

  54. Hi all,
    I am going to the CEBIT with 6 other collegues.
    Can you please provide me 5 tickets (max?)? I’d like to see your exhibit on the CEBIT.
    Greets, Gilbert

  55. Hi i like to visit your stand we also use power point and you product seams interesting. Can you send us five tickets. With kind regards, Andre

  56. Hi,
    I’m student and It would be great to get free ticket 🙂

  57. Hi,
    saw on youtube demo of your product, looks promising for us.
    Like to visit your stand to see it closer.
    Will visit CEBIT.
    Would definitly help us out by sending us 5 tickets.
    Thanks hope to see you at CEBIT.

  58. FusionCharts looks very interesting and we would like to meet up and see how we can market that in Singapore where we operate a total solution company.
    We would be able to meet on Friday at 11.30 AM.
    There will be 2 of us attending.
    Looking forward to meeting up with you.

  59. Hi,
    FusionCharts looks to be very interesting tool and we would like to see your demos. We are JQurey users and we need 4 tickets.
    Best, Krzysiek

  60. Hi,
    It would be very nice if you can send me two tickets for the CeBit 2010.
    We are interested in using fusioncharts on some websites for remote measurements system we are developing roght now.
    Best regards
    Nikos Papanikolaou

  61. Hi There. Thanks for the opportunity of getting some free tickets. I will be attending the show to bring back the CEO here an idea of the kind of technologies we should be offering our customers.
    Magic SEO

  62. Hi
    I plan to go to CeBIT 2010 to find new IT soloution for my Electronics So hope to get a ticket, and see you there.

  63. Hello there,
    I am based in Germany, Berlin.
    I practise law and would be happy getting in touch at CeBIT.
    Best regards

  64. Hi There
    I like to see more of your product And love to to this on the Cebit. Hope I can receive e-ticket
    I will come together with one other person
    Kind regards

  65. Hello! I have never been at CeBIT since now, but this year I want to attend the show. I am interested in new and intelligent technologies, especially information security solutions.
    If it is possible, I’d like to receive two tickets for CeBit.
    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,

  66. I need to ticket, and It would be very interesting to see the new charting tool for PowerPoint!
    Best regards

  67. Hi. Your software looks interesting. Could I have one e-ticket please!

  68. Hi FusionCharts team,
    I am very much into (flashy) charts & maps and would like to find out more (live). I would like to visit you and would need 2 tickets (for 1 or 2 days).
    Looking forward to meeting you there,

  69. Fell almost in love with Fusioncharts and now Oomfo… Yet to order first license for Fusionchart from Huawei. Would be great if I could get to see you in person while in action at CEBIT Hannover
    And I am in touch with you over Twitter
    Amandeep (sifar00)

  70. Hi,
    I am very interested to see the live demonstration of your software. My greatest passion is seeing the future technology on show. Please grant me 2 tickets to the CeBIT.
    kind regards,

  71. Hi!
    We are a group of students from University of Technology in Wrocław – Poland, and going to Hannover to visit CeBIT on 6th of march. We are interested of IT trends becouse we study Computer Science in Wrocław. It will be also pleasure for us to visit your stall.
    If it’s still possible please give us 5 tickets.
    See you there!

  72. Hi,
    I and my friends are students from Wrocław University of Technology. In this year we ride on CeBIT first time. We heard about this event from ours friends and in this year we would like to see this event in our eyes. It would be very nice if you can send me six tickets for the CeBit 2010. We are study Computer Science & Management.
    Looking forward to meeting you in March.
    Thanks 😉

  73. Hi,
    looks really great. Is there also a version for Staroffice planned?
    We are interested in a special “european & theme focused FusionMaps” versions.
    Looking forward to meet you at Cebit.
    Best Regards

  74. Hi,
    Me and my company would be interested to visit your booth at CeBIT 2010.
    I kindly ask for 2 tickets.
    Thank you in advance.
    kind regards,

  75. Hello
    We would like to visit because we intend to use your products in the next version of the library management software that we develop.
    Our delegation consists of four people and we intend to visit the exhibition three days.

  76. Hi,
    See your interesting websites, look forward to meet
    the people behind at Cebit.
    Thank you in beforehand for 2 tickets.
    best regards

  77. I hope i can win a ticket to CeBIT 2010! 🙂
    I wish your guys lucky too!

  78. Very interested to understand how the oomfo plugin for MS powerpoint works and specifically how it can be used to bring otherwise boring pivot tables and datasets to life.
    I would also appreciate 1 day ticket for CeBit. Many thanks and look forward to stopping by.

  79. Hello Fusioncharts team!
    I’m from a Hannover working as Software Architect.
    we would like to visit you at the cebit because of reason
    Like to know more about Fusioncharts.
    I hope to see you soon on the CEBIT

  80. Hi,
    I am a student of Wroclaw University of Technology and I’m interested in seeing all the new techs on CeBIT. I’m really excited about all the stuff to be seen there. So please give me one ticket.
    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards

  81. thnk you for sharing

  82. We are interested in using FusionCharts on our website and are planning to attend CeBIT 2010. This would be a great opportunity to discuss things with you and allow us to take a look at just how it works. We only need the 1 ticket. http://www.hotfilemediafire.com

  83. We’ve been using FusionCharts for a while now in its open source version and i can only say that’s a great product.
    We’d love to visit FCF charts stand at Cebit so if you could make arrrive us 4 tickets we’ll be pleased to be able to see you in your stand.

  84. Hi, we are from holland, and we really want to visit CEBIT (for the first time), we definitly want to see the stand of FusionCharts.
    when I win some tickets, I want to go for 2 days with me and a friend, so 4 one day tickets, or two 2-daytickets.

  85. I would like 4 tickets to give me and 3 friends a trip to the CeBIT to see all the latest tech and write a story about it to get points for my study

  86. can we have 3 tickets please?

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