On 1st Feb 2014, we launched a completely new website for FusionCharts after 7 months of intense work. New flat design, comprehensive demos and dashboards, a completely responsive website, zero clutter and a much more well-defined journey through the website among other things. Over a month after the launch, now that we are done fixing… Read More »

If you have been following us over the years, you know that the we allow ourselves a little nostalgia on our birthday. At the breakneck speed the tech world operates at, it in fact is the only time we get to look back and reminisce the year gone by and all the things that happened… Read More »

The beloved superheroes born off the comics are conquering silver screens the world over. What kick-started around 2000 with the X-men franchise snowballed with Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. The trilogy which was practically a turning point for superhero films saw the first superhero film to pass the $100 million mark. This also set the stage… Read More »

We recently redesigned our Careers page. The thing is data visualization is evolving at is fastest pace ever, and so are we. And to keep evolving, we need the smartest people we can find to come work with us. So a careers page that sums up our vision, the everyday challenges we work on and… Read More »

Creating the product tour was a long journey but we are very proud of what we have come up with. In this post, you will be taken through this complete journey and talk about all the phases involved in great details – inspiration, conceptualization, content structure, design, development and the usability aspects we worked on throughout. We will also talk about all the challenges we faced and how we overcame them to finally develop the product tour.

Make me feel special!

A picture speaks a thousand words – while we are not very sure about the origin of this phrase, we definitely know about its origin at FusionCharts. It's been here right from the day we started. We decided to take it a step further when for every team member's birthday, we decided to add a… Read More »

If you have ever done anything web, chances are you have heard of Google Analytics. Heck, you would have dived into it and spent countless hours together. It does a great job of pulling out vital stats from the ocean of data that website analytics can be, and presents it to us in an easy-to-understand… Read More »

Every time we come to Bangalore, we just love the energy and innovation the city has. People here are making their own tablets, doing kickass things on the cloud, developing cutting-edge mobile apps and making products that make people's lives easier every single day. Being tech enthusiasts ourselves, we get goosebumps of excitement every time… Read More »