We’ve just released FusionCharts for Flex Beta 2. Based on your opinions on what’s right and what’s not with Beta Release 1, we have made several improvements in this release. Here’s bullet-ing a few of them to start with before we get into a detailed explanation:
  • More chart types including True 3D chart, Spline Charts, Funnel and  Pyramid Charts
  • Better drag & drop support in Flex Builder IDE 
  • Ability to specify custom folder for chart SWF files
  • More events to help you track different status of charts, including  error events
  • Enhanced documentation and code samples
  • Bug fixes from previous versions
And now, diving into the details of some of the important features:

New charts:

We have more charts for you – 7 of them: 
  1. True 3D chart
  2. Funnel chart
  3. Pyramid chart
  4. Single series Spline chart,
  5. Single series Spline Area chart
  6. Multi series Spline chart
  7. Multi series Spline Area chart
Thus, FusionCharts for Flex now offers 40+ chart types in 2D and 3D. 

Better drag & drop support in Flex Builder IDE

You can now render the default chart by just dragging and dropping FusionCharts component from the IDE. The default chart has been provided with default data as well so that you see a chart in action as soon as you drag-and-drop it. 

Ability to specify custom folder for chart SWF files

By default, FusionCharts for Flex assumes that all the chart SWFs are in the ‘fusioncharts‘ folder under the main application directory. However, if for some reason you don’t like the folder name, then you can also create your custom folders and store the charts swfs over there. And then let the FusionCharts component know that.

More events to you track different status of charts

FusionCharts for Flex is now more eventful. Literally, at least. A new error event has been added which will tell you about the error and provide more info on it in the following cases:
  1. Chart swf file missing or mismatch or wrong path
  2. Flash Security permission not allowed
  3. Javascript disabled or External Interface missing
  4. Application running without any HTML wrapper

Licensing & Pricing

We have also roughly worked out the licensing costs & structure for our commercial release. This is what it currently looks like: 
  • Developer License for $299 per developer. This license allows a developer to use FusionCharts for Flex in all the projects that he develops.   
  • Enterprise License for $1,499. This license allows a business with multiple developers located in a single physical building to use FusionCharts for Flex in all their Flex projects.
  • OEM License for $2,499. This license allows an ISV to embed FusionCharts for Flex in their Flex product for distribution to the rest of the world (unlimited clients we mean).
The licensing costs & structure are not final though. You can try telling a few nice things about us and getting the prices lowered. Also, if there’s anything you want to tell us about the product, right from a really irritating spelling mistake you found in the documentation to a painful bug to how wonderful we guys are, please do let us know – either here in the Comments section or mailing it to us at [email protected].

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