Eleven years ago, a charting component was born. Its name was FusionCharts and it was written in Adobe Flash (then Macromedia Flash). Flash was a pretty cool technology back then but now that we're in 2013, in an era of modern web standards, it's time to say goodbye.* While we introduced our JavaScript (HTML5) version… Read More »

FusionCharts for Flex v1.1 is here. This release is special, as gauges and charts from FusionWidgets have been introduced in FusionCharts for Flex. Built on FusionCharts v3.1 framework, the new version is packed with a wide range of new and exciting features. Here’s a brief overview of the new features in FusionCharts for Flex v1.1… Read More »

FusionCharts for Flex v1 has been released. After 2 Beta releases and extensive feedback from our wonderful beta testers and users, FusionCharts for Flex is now commercially available to add the "wow" factor to your Flex solutions. If you weren't tuned into our Beta releases, here's reiterating some of the major highlights of FusionCharts for… Read More »

We’ve just released FusionCharts for Flex Beta 2. Based on your opinions on what's right and what's not with Beta Release 1, we have made several improvements in this release. Here's bullet-ing a few of them to start with before we get into a detailed explanation: More chart types including True 3D chart, Spline Charts… Read More »

Yesterday, we released the beta version of our Adobe Flex Charting Component - FusionCharts for Flex. FusionCharts for Flex is essentially a Flex component that enables you to load and manipulate FusionCharts SWF files in your Flex 2 and Flex 3 projects. It provides an API that helps you create and manipulate the charts from… Read More »