FusionCharts, FusionWidgets and PowerCharts are now more powerful than ever before! v3.1 is here for all of them and it continues our unending endeavor to make numbers more glamorous and exciting. In this post, we will take a run-through view of the new features that have been incorporated in v3.1. In later posts, we intend to detail each of these features in greater detail, so that you can reap their full benefits to render a never-before charting experience.

So, what’s new in v3.1?

v3.1 unravels an entire spectrum of new features – some first-of-its-kind and some badly needed by the charting community. Some of our users will see that the features requested by them have been incorporated – aren’t we wonderful people? Enough of bland talk; let’s get down to the features themselves now.

Enhanced Export Options

v3.1 offers a multitude of export options which allow client-side conversion of charts to image/PDF and conversion of chart data into CSV/TSV.    

Exporting Charts

Charts can now be exported to PNG, JPEG and PDF formats either at client-side or server-side. This can be done very easily using the export option in the right-click menu. Also, a batch export mechanism has been devised at client side, which allows you to export all the charts in a page as a single image/PDF using one-click. You can see a live demo of FusionCharts Export Implementation here . To know more about the implementation details, please visit our Online Docs here and check out the “Exporting as Image/PDF” section.

Exporting Data

Your chart data can now be exported to either CSV or TSV format. This can be done from the context menu of the chart. See more details in the Feature Tour here.

JavaScript Events

v3.1 exposes some important events which enable you to programmatically handle chart events and client-side errors, should they occur. All the charts and widgets in v3.1 can raise events in the following cases:
  • When XML Data has loaded
  • When an error is encountered while loading data
  • When the loaded XML data is invalid
  • When the loaded XML contains no data that can be displayed on chart
To know more about how to go about implementing it, see more info in the Online Docs here.

Other Exciting Features in v3.1

  • FusionCharts now fully supports UTF-8 (multi-lingual characters). Irrespective of whether you’re using horizontal or vertical text, FusionCharts can display all your characters correctly. Read more on this here
  • You can now show your company logo on the chart and configure the position, scale and alpha of it. Heck, you can even link it to your website. Read more on this
  • Tool-tips can now be split to any number of lines. With support for automatic wrapping and easier forced line breaks (using {br} pseudo code), you’ve complete control over them. Show as much information you want on your chart now. Read more on this
  • The vertical lines on your chart can now have their very own labels. You can also configure the position of lines and labels. More on this here
  • Each data point on the chart can now have a custom string label (call it annotation if you so very much want to). This is especially helpful if you want to convey more information for a data point. See an example here
  • Have you ever wished you could change “About FusionCharts” in the context menu of chart to your company name and link? We just heard you and granted your wishes. You can now personalize the chart by adding an “About your company” item to the chart’s context menu and link it to your URL. See how to do it here
As we said earlier, we intend to do posts on some of these individual features in greater details shortly. So do check them out to get the most out of these power-packed features. Also, it’s been great fun working on v3.1 and we hope you will like it too. As always, we await your feedback on this; be it bouquets or brickbats, we will take all of it constructively. Oh, and we just forgot to tell the most important part about this upgrade – it’s free for all existing license holders. Just log onto FusionCharts Product Update Center and download your free upgrade. Happy Charting!

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