Data Visualization is an essential element of nearly all front-end applications. Presenting the data in the right format with the perfect impact-generating chart can make a huge difference.  While there are many charting libraries in the market, choosing the right one can be quite daunting. Not all are feature complete, customizable, or easy to integrate with your preferred development framework. And you may not discover the subtle deficiencies until you start working with it. Pesky number formatting issues? Inadequate color schemes or chart label management? Even the lack of these small, but assumed capabilities can be quite frustrating.   FusionCharts continues to top the JS charting space. With simple yet advanced visualization capabilities, users are able to derive valuable insights from data.  Let’s take a look at how FusionCharts compares to Charts.js—a popular and free open source charting library.   
Supported Charts Over 100+ charts for all data viz needs (bar, line, area, pie, stacked, pareto, marimekko, bullet & sparkline, funnel & pyramid, spider charts etc.) (See table below)  9 charts (bar, line, area, scatter, pie, radar, polar, bubble, combo) (See table below)
Browser support Cross-browser support, including older versions of IE Limited support
Customization options Plenty of configurable and customizable options. Limited capabilities
Official Plugins for integration Integrations for React, Angular, Vue.js, Ember, Java, Rails and jQuery Limited integration options (plain JS or module loaders)
Technical Support                                                                                                                         24/7 support via email, live chat, and forums to get your issues solved quickly. No one to call or chat with directly. Support through Stackoverflow forum.
  A deeper comparative look into the supported charts and customizable options.  
Supported Charts
Column & Bar

Line & Area

Pie & Donut

Stacked Charts

(Via unofficial plugin)

Combination / Mixed Charts

Bubble and Scatter Charts

Market Share / Marimekko Charts

Pareto Charts

Guages, KPIs & Widgets


Funnel & Pyramid

Bullet & Sparkline

Realtime Charts

(Via unofficial plugin)

Heat & Treemaps

Radar / Spider Charts

Waterfall / Cascade Charts

(Via unofficial plugin)

Node Diagram

Statistical Charts

Stock Charts




Chorpleth Maps

3D Charts

Box & Whiskers

FusionCharts has the capability to customize every interaction and feature. Learn all the customization capabilities of FusionCharts vs Charts.js

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