pentahoThis is a guest post from one of our partners, Xpand IT, who specialize in integrating FusionCharts products with other platforms. We, at Xpand IT, would like to announce a recent release of the Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin which adds exciting new features, including Real Time charts. This free plugin for the Pentaho Business Analytics platform reached many hundreds of downloads worldwide within a few days. As you know, the success of Business Intelligence & Analytics initiatives in any organization depends on user acceptance and the ability to represent data in an appealing & functional way. We know how important it is for all Business Analysts and we believe to have found the solution to get away from standard charts that make you fall asleep. The Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin enables using more than 40 types of interactive charts for dashboards on the Pentaho Business Analytics platform. This plugin combines the functional character of Pentaho Business Analytics with a unique visual experience provided by FusionCharts. The latest update increases the number of supported charts; compatibility with other applications; optimization for mobile devices, and many other exciting features. If you’re still wondering whether to download this plugin, consider these reasons: Reason 1: Create an Experience Your Executives Will Love Are you creating business reports your stakeholders will love? If not (or if you’re not sure), find out how you can create appealing charts in your business intelligence platform to print reports that people really love. Here’s a glimpse of how beautiful your data can be 🙂 Reason 2: The Plugin is Mobile-Friendly Xpand IT identified that the Pentaho FusionCharts plugin has reached a significant number of users in the mobility context. With this release, the support for Javascript (HTML5) visualizations has been improved. This means you can easily render your charts on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Even your iPhone will be happy! Reason 3: Now You Don’t Need to be a ‘Nerd’ to Create Awesome Dashboards More Power to the end-user! It’s easy to say you’re going to create amazing dashboards on your BI Platform (Pentaho Business Analytics), but how do you actually get it done? Check out this tutorial below: Reason 4: This Plugin is Great and… Free! Now, Business Analysts can create delightful dashboards for free! Pentaho users really love the FusionCharts Plugin as it allows them to create delightful charts and dashboards that make their work more appealing and fun. Users are fascinated, and in some cases, contact us to implement specific requirements. All the feedback we’ve received so far is proof that Pentaho users are very happy with this plugin. Why wait? Visit the Xpand IT website, and download the free Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin. Don’t forget to give us your feedback and share your experience with your friends! At Xpand IT, we hope to continue to make Business Analysts and their Executives happy! About Xpand IT: FusionCharts Worldwide Reseller with expertise in integrating FusionCharts products with other Technologies. Xpand IT is a global company specializing in strategic planning, consulting, implementation and maintenance of enterprise software, fully adapted to the customer’s needs. Our portfolio includes services and products in Business Intelligence, Big Data, BPM & Enterprise Middleware, Enterprise Mobility and Collaborative Platforms. Xpand IT stands out for its innovative approach fully supported by tools, processes and agile methodologies, fully mapped with CMMI. With customers all over the world, Xpand IT is recognized for its technical knowledge and “Passion for Excellence”.

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