Dear FusionCharts Customers & Partners, My name is Kegan Blumenthal, General Manager of FusionCharts at Idera, Inc. I am very pleased to announce that ​Idera, Inc. has acquired FusionCharts, which will join Idera’s Developer Tools Business Unit. You likely saw the ​press announcement​, but I want to personally welcome you to the Idera family. FusionCharts will be a key part of Idera’s developer tools portfolio that also includes Embarcadero, Sencha, Whole Tomato, Froala, and LANSA. We are impressed by FusionCharts’ robust charting library and its dedicated community of customers and partners. Our goal is to combine and leverage the strengths of each of our companies to advance the product roadmap and expand FusionCharts’ market leadership and global reach. Our product philosophy emphasizes easy-to-use products, rapid value realization, world class scalability, and continuous quality improvements. While features remain important for every software solution, our initial focus will be ensuring the most value and reliable products to our customers. Idera’s leadership team is very experienced in acquiring and integrating software companies, so we understand that the inevitable change in business operations may concern employees and customers. Idera’s operating model is a proven winner, and our commitment to you will be to deliver on our promises while implementing changes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We welcome your feedback now and as we work together to advance FusionCharts’ position in the market. Being part of the Idera family enables customers to explore our wide range of resources and complementary products. All of Idera’s products emphasize rapid and tangible value achievement, coupled with predictable, high-quality releases. We’re committed to working with each of you to optimize your software investments and to continue to provide the world class service you’ve come to expect. Rest assured we are dedicated to building on FusionCharts’ history of market-leading charting components and data visualization tools, as well as providing great customer service. We believe in FusionCharts and are excited to move together into the future. Please comment with any questions below. I will respond and forward any suggestions to the appropriate teams. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to a great future together. Best, Kegan Blumenthal - Signature Kegan Blumenthal General Manager Idera, Inc. Developer Tools – ​FusionCharts​, ​Sencha​, ​Froala Idera Welcome Gift

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