FusionCharts 3.15.2 and FusionTime 2.2 have been released, and the FusionCharts product team is very excited about it! This is the first FusionCharts release since joining the Idera family a few months ago, and it includes many highly requested feature enhancements. This includes powerful time-saving CSS transformations in 2D for charts; increased developer productivity through new events for select charts, and numerous quality improvements and enhancements to Data Charts most requested by our customers for FusionCharts. FusionTime has made numerous enhancements to its components and modules, including custom range selectors, area plots, binning, data markers, and more. In this post, we’ll go over the key features of FusionCharts 3.15.2 and FusionTime 2.2, as well as some interesting and well-explained examples! Let’s get started!

FusionCharts 3.15.2

Events Support for Chord Diagram

In the last releases, we introduced 3 new charts which also included a Chord diagram. With this release, we are bringing API events and methods support to it. Now, developers can bind various click and hover events to chord diagram components, giving more flexibility to customize charts.

Support for CSS Transform

Prior to this release, support for CSS transform was limited and only rotation was possible. With this release, we have expanded the coverage of CSS transform in FusionCharts with all 2D transformations such as rotate, skew, skewX, skewY, scale, scaleX, scaleY, translate, translateX, translateY, and matrix. Now, users can just specify the attribute applyCSSTransform with value as 1 and FusionCharts will automatically handle the CSS transformation specified to the parent container.

Improved CSV Export

With FusionCharts 3.15.2, we have improved the CSV export structure for sparkline and spark column charts. The exported data is of the expected format and directly consumable now via any other spreadsheet tool or API.

Improvements across axis, tooltip, legend, and more…

Numerous improvements have been implemented across all charts:
  • Improvement of Y-axis to handle formatted numbers, decimals and number suffix or prefix in efficient manner.
  • Various tooltip macro fixes and improvements have been done across multiple charts such as zoomline, zoomlinedy and other stacked column and bar charts.
  • In the previous release, we introduced legend position customization.In this release, we’ve improved its behaviour across different browsers.
  • Improvement of getJSONData() and getChartData() API methods.

FusionTime 2.2

Area Plot Improvements

We’ve improved area plots in this release to provide a better visualization experience. It was noted that the area plot border was drawn incorrectly if data had negative values. . Additionally, if there were missing values, then the time navigator plotting was inconsistent. Both these behaviors have been fixed in this release. 

Improved Data Markers

Data markers are helpful visual components drawn on the data plots and help provide contextual information on the value of the data plot. Prior to this release, we discovered that data markers were not drawn on the correct bin for certain data binning and aggregation levels. We have addressed this now..

Improvements across binning, time navigator, range plots, and more…

  • Improved behavior in the visibility of crosslines for data plots when time-span markers are enabled.
  • Various binning fixes and improvements to address customer issues.
  • Tooltips and crossline improvements to range charts for better data plot highlighting.

Give it a Try

We hope you’ll enjoy the new enhancements and improvements in this latest release. Download the trial of FusionCharts 3.15.2 and FusionTime 2.2 today.  Ready to buy or upgrade? Get started here. We love hearing your feedback! For any questions or suggestions drop us an email at [email protected]

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