oomfo is maturing and you will love it!

oomfo, as you might already know, is our way of powering up data visualization in PowerPoint. When we released it early last year, it brought all the animation and interactivity of FusionCharts to PowerPoint. And now, a year later, with generous feedback from our 15,000 strong beta community, oomfo does more than just make your data look stunning. It makes your data look stunning…AND…powerful. Naturally we can’t wait to show it off! Take a look!

oomfo is maturingoomfo now brings to you live data charting in PowerPoint during the slideshow. You can just connect your chart to a live data URL and get updated sales figures or marketing conversion rates in your presentation, without having to go back to your spreadsheet at all. You can also export these slides with live charts as web pages and host them anywhere. They will work on all browsers, as opposed to PowerPoint’s own export. It also offers advanced charts like Waterfall, Funnel, Pareto and Marimekko charts that PowerPoint forgot to offer.

Learn more about what you can do with oomfo on our all-new oomfo blog.

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