The FusionCharts product team is excited to announce the release of version 5.2.0 for React Native Component for FusionCharts! The FusionCharts React Native Component was rewritten from scratch to provide the best performance and experience for React Native developers using FusionCharts in their applications. This release also addresses some customer-reported tickets in the rendering of FusionCharts in Expo. You can now use the React Native Component with FusionCharts 3.18.0 and above.

React Native Component For FusionCharts

With our component, developers can add React Native charts and graphs like area, bar, donut, line, marimekko, radar, stockcharts and 150+ other charts & 1000+ maps to their Android and iOS application. Using FusionCharts’ React Native component you can create charts that are mobile-friendly, interactive, and support zooming, panning, APIs, animation, drill-downs, real-time updates, and even full exporting of charts & dashboards. It also comes with event support for touch, swipe, and more, enabling you to make your charts more reactive during any lifecycle phase of the application. Further, all charts & graphs are tested and built for millions of data points, without any performance issues.

Give it a Try!

We hope you’ll enjoy the new enhancements and improvements in this latest release. Download the latest version of React Native Component for FusionCharts and get started here. We love hearing your feedback! For any questions or suggestions, drop us an email at [email protected]. Happy Charting! 🙂

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From column to donut and radar to gantt, FusionCharts provides with over 100+ interactive charts & 2,000+ data-driven maps to make your dashboards and reports more insightful

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