With the world unifying in the battle against COVID-19, we hope everything is well with you and your family members. Here at FusionCharts, we’re all hard at work from home due to the country-wide lockdown. Amid this chaos, we are doing our best to continue delivering quality product updates so that you can delight your customers with kick-ass dashboards.  If you’re unaware, FusionCharts is now part of the Idera family. With this release, we want to assure you that we are in the right hands and that we will continue to delight you going forward into the future. That said, let’s move forward to showing off this new release! In this post, we’ll walk you through the new FusionExport v1.2.3 release, which includes Dashboard Creation and the ability to export entire dashboards in several formats (PDF, image). Beyond the export of individual charts, enable the download of livedashboards or have them generated automatically on a server in an email-friendly manner.

Support for FusionTime

FusionExport and FusionTime were released back-to-back, but FusionExport didn’t support FusionTime out of the gate because it was still evolving. After a full year of maturation for both FusionExport and FusionTime, the time has come for native FusionTime support. Now, you don’t have to add FusionTime files in the HTML templates like ‘an external library’. Instead, you only need to provide the configuration to FusionExport directly in the same way you do with FusionCharts—and that’s it! All your time-series charts will be exported in a jiffy. Have a look at this tutorial to see how you can export FusionTime charts.

Reduced Build Size

FusionExport went through a number of iterations before stabilizing intended to ensure that it would fit your needs. These fast iterations resulted in even faster releases, but ended up degrading the code quality—there were many third party modules we included as a part of the iterations but never removed them. With this release, we are ensuring that there are additional ‘fats’ and the build is trimmed down. Apart from this, there were a few bug fixes regarding the FusionCharts implementation which we have ironed out in this release. 

Get the Latest Version

That’s it! Download the latest version of FusionExport from the download page. Once you’ve had the chance to spend time with this new release, we would love to know your thoughts—feel free to get in touch with the product team at [email protected] Don’t forget to stay tuned! As we speak, we are preparing the next releases for FusionCharts and FusionTime—keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts detailing everything you need to know about our next releases.  In the meantime, stay safe!

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  1. I purchased FusionCharts about 7 or 8 years ago. Do I still have access to the new version of the products?