As web developers, we all agree that jQuery makes JavaScript programming a whole lot easier, and FusionCharts makes charting as easy as possible. Imagine if jQuery and FusionCharts get hitched, and an awesome FusionCharts’ jQuery charts plugin is the outcome! Imagine using the familiar jQuery syntax to create charts, update and retrieve chart data and configuration, update functional and cosmetic settings of all charts. Here we introduce, the FusionCharts plugin for jQuery! And this plugin also helps you make your morning toast. Here are 7 reasons why we think the FusionCharts jQuery plugin should be useful to you:

1. Works out of the box

Simply include FusionCharts.jqueryplugin.js and instantiate the FusionCharts constructor, and your chart is created. Here is a sample of the constructor being instantiated:
swfUrl: "FusionCharts/Column3D.swf",
dataSource: "Data.xml",
dataFormat: "xmlurl",
width: "400",
height: "300",
id: "myChartId"

2. Does not clutter the global namespace

We respect the global namespace in JavaScript. All the references to this plugin are unique, and would not conflict with existing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

3. Multiple rendering options

Using this plugin, you can render a chart at the beginning of an HTML container, or at the end, or replace the container’s content with a chart.

4. Update and retrieve configuration of existing charts

At run-time, you can update chart data, chart size, chart type, rendering engine (Flash / JavaScript) of an existing chart. You can also dynamically update a chart’s root properties on-the-fly. This feature will come handy when you wish to change the chart titles, theme colors, number formatting or scaling setup, divisional line and grid configurations and other functional and cosmetic features of an existing chart.

5. Tested in all browsers

The FusionCharts jQuery plugin passes through the same stringent test cases that are required for the FusionCharts Suite. You can rest assured that this plugin is tested for cross-browser compatibility, including mobile browsers of Android and iOS devices. Your users will get no room to complain.

6. Comprehensive documentation

The documentation will help you get started, and walk you through the various features of this plugin. For a quick glance, the API Reference is always available. We’ve added many code samples and live demos to accelerate your coding.

7. Bundled with FusionCharts

This plugin is developed by FusionCharts, not by community developers. This ensures that new features are rolled out simultaneously in the FusionCharts package and this plugin too. We hope this plugin solves the “unknown territory” issue that developers new to FusionCharts face. Do give this plugin a spin. Let us know of new feature requests or bugs in the comments below.

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