FusionCharts has been nominated in the Web Development category of the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) 2009 awards. GIDS is held annually by Saltmarch Media in the Indian Silicon City of Bangalore. In their own words, “Saltmarch Media’s annual Great Indian Developer Awards honor trailblazing individuals, technologies, and organizations that are contributing to the evangelism, productivity and innovation excellence of the Indian developer ecosystem.” Well said SaltMarch, we couldn’t agree more. Okay, let’s be honest now – we don’t really know how much of that adjective-laden sentence actually applies to us but we do know that you, as a user, are always our best judge. So dear user, if you love FusionCharts and want to publicly display it, here’s how – vote for us in the Web Development category at http://developersummit.com/awards.html#category8 . It’s a 2-click and 20-100 keystroke process depending on whether your name is “ffdd” or something that takes more than 2 left-hand fingers to type. The voting process concludes on April 3, 2009 after which the votes will be consolidated and in conjunction with the jury’s opinions, the winners will be announced at the Summit on 25th May, 2009. We will be really thankful to you if you vote for us and promise to post a wonderful “Thank You” post on the night of the summit itself if we go on to win it. Seriously speaking, we have always been a user-centric company and there can be nothing more heartwarming than our users proclaiming us a winner. It will propel us to push the boundaries of the web even when the coffee machine is down at 2 in the morning!

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One response on “Vote for FusionCharts in GIDS 2009!

  1. Saltmarch Media’s annual Great Indian Developer Awards honors software Products. The final shortlist consists of IBM’s Rational Application Developer; Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010; Adobe’s Flex Builder; Popular open-source IDE – Eclipse and Microsoft’s Expression Studio. Oracle’s JBuilder was the first IDE to win this award in 2008 followed by Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 in the 2009 chapter of the same awards. So visit the 2010 Great Indian Developer Awards website and cast your vote. It counts! (www.developersummit.com/gida3_llist)