How many times have you Googled for a free charting component? Have you ever found one, downloaded it, and deployed it only to discover that the “free” charts have watermarks all over the place? The worst thing is that these watermarks are visible from light-years away? While we agree that people are free to choose whatever meaning of “free” suits them best, we do not believe in wrongly exploiting the meaning of this word. And going by that, we would like to state that FusionCharts Free is not your regular “free” charting component. It is what it claims to be…original, no-gimmick, FREE flash charts. That means no watermarks, no 30-day trial periods, and no right-click context menus talking about FusionCharts! All you’ll get are neat and crisp charts intended to impress your audience. FusionCharts is a Data Visualization Tool that can help you create everything from mobile to web and complex reports to modern visualizations. It has 100+ charts and 2000+ maps. So, if you’re looking for a free charting component that just supports a few functions, FusionCharts has you covered.

Why Should You Choose FusionCharts Free?

So, why should you use FusionCharts Free? They say the best things in life are free. Lately, Adobe Flash charts have spread like Paris Hilton videos on the web (P.S. we are only talking about her music videos). Many big and small companies have been using Flash charts to deliver eye-catching and snazzy graphics out of boring data tables. So why do you want to feel like an outcast? At FusionCharts, we want you to be a part of this bandwagon and relish the fluid beauty of Flash charts. Now, suppose you are a research/individual/commercial user and need to use charts in your application or website, but would rather spend your hard-earned moolah on other really important stuff. In that case, we at FusionCharts understand and appreciate that. We offer you 22 fully functional, animated, and interactive charts, which you can deploy in your applications the way you like. It provides most of the features that you would typically need. Additionally, to help you integrate FusionCharts with your scripting language, we offer you XML building APIs and Chart Inclusion APIs. XML Building APIs are currently available for PHP and allow you to build the XML data for the charts even if you know nothing about XML. Chart Inclusion APIs are precisely what the name suggests. They will enable you to easily include FusionCharts in your pages without having to worry about HTML or JavaScript codes. Chart Inclusion APIs are currently available for ASP.NET (VB.NET and C#), ASP, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. These are explained elaborately with enough code samples and examples in our documentation, ensuring that you never face integration issues. If you do, you can always post your queries in the Online Forum – there’s a beautiful bunch of helpful people out there, or email it to us. Immediately after we complete the paid-version support, we are ready to sort out the world for you.

Experience the Benefits of FusionCharts

If you want other users like you to take advantage of FusionCharts Free, you can always post a small link somewhere on your website/product. And if you are really happy with it, write entire blog posts or articles about how you used FusionCharts Free and how it changed your life or your product’s at least. And then please do send us a link to the article – it’s heartwarming to read them. Or even better, drop us an email at [email protected] if you want us to feature an entire case study on it – don’t worry, we will help you write it if you are not genetically inclined to do so. And we can post the same on our website, thus sending in some outstanding and meaningful traffic to your site. If you are an ISV, FusionCharts Free can also be redistributed with your free or commercial software, irrespective of whether they are open-source or closed-source. All we ask for is a link to the FusionCharts website from either your product or relevant documentation and that you let your users know InfoSoft Global copyrights FusionCharts. If the features in the free version satisfy your requirements, you end up spending zilch for your charting requirements. But, you will need the paid version for advanced options like gradients, 3D lighting, export as image functionality, custom animations, in-built debuggers, more chart types, enhanced AJAX support, data-driven flash maps, loading into other Flash movies, personalized implementation support, etc. Also, you’ll find a comparison chart between FusionCharts v3 and FusionCharts Free right here. All in all, our aim with FusionCharts Free is to throw boring, lifeless data out of the window and convert them into exciting, easy-to-grasp charts, no matter who you are and where you want to use them. We hope to re-define “Free Flash charts.”

Take your data visualization to a whole new level

From column to donut and radar to gantt, FusionCharts provides with over 100+ interactive charts & 2,000+ data-driven maps to make your dashboards and reports more insightful

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3 responses on “Why Choose FusionCharts Free?

  1. We’ve been using FusionCharts Free for many months now and I am extremely pleased with them. You’ve made a very good product. The charts are easy to use, automating the building of them wasn’t difficult at all.
    The charts are easy to look at and configure. And they are free.
    Just like you say, most “free” stuff comes with a catch, but not FusionCharts Free.
    Thank you for your hard work and your contribution to a better world.
    It will sound cheesy when I say it, but you should be proud of what you’ve created here. I hope you are. I appreciate the product immensely.
    web developer

  2. Just a little utility made specifically for Fusion Charts, if you want to convert CSV files into Fusion Chart XML files, you can download it from here:,parsecsv.exe

  3. Very nice product. In my opinion documentation to be improved a bit.
    Appreciate your good work..