August 2009

FusionCharts Free is now open-source under the GPL and MIT license. A lot. But in a nutshell here's what you can do with FusionCharts Free: Use it for any purpose, commercial or personal Modify its source code to suit your needs Share it with your friends and neighbors Re-distribute FusionCharts Free, modified or the way… Read More »

Differentiating the important from the not-so important is a very vital task for any management. In this post, we will see how a Pareto chart is a vital tool for the same, and how it can be easily created using the Dual-Y Combination chart in FusionCharts v3. You are James Gordon. A lot of public… Read More »

Everything needs a makeover – and the latest in line was the FusionCharts Free website. Over a period of 3 weeks, we have made it chic-and-span. But why the change? The web team has cited many technical reasons to justify the change, but the content team speculates that the web team had nothing better to… Read More »

When you have a table with 3 related dimensions of data, how do you represent it on a flat 2D chart? Put three column charts side by side, one for each dimension? Or use two XY-plot charts? But both of them will be ineffective in putting together all the 3 parameters in one elegant visualization… Read More »

Pie charts have been used, misused and abused. But what about the multi-level pie charts? They have been under-used, to put it simply. Other standard charts have been opted for even when the multi-level pie chart would have been the perfect fit. So in this post of "Second Base with charts", we will explore the… Read More »