April 2011

The Making Of Our About Us Page

Every individual has quirks. And a group of individuals is a collection of quirks which makes working together very interesting. It makes us who we are. One fine day, to remind ourselves of our quirks, we decided to announce it publicly on our website. And the About Us page happened. It is a page we… Read More »

FusionCharts has been evolving as a more powerful and contemporary JavaScript charting library. With the new features of v3.2, a large number of functions were added, and four functions got deprecated. Three of these functions were previously part of the most used functions of FusionCharts JS. In a scenario like this, the setting was perfect… Read More »

In a previous post, we had discussed how to increase the usability of your charts instantly using some simple tips. In this post, I will discuss some lesser-known tips that can enhance the usability of your charts further and help make more sense out of the data plotted on them. If you are talking about… Read More »