June 2011

Make me feel special!

A picture speaks a thousand words – while we are not very sure about the origin of this phrase, we definitely know about its origin at FusionCharts. It's been here right from the day we started. We decided to take it a step further when for every team member's birthday, we decided to add a… Read More »

If you have ever done anything web, chances are you have heard of Google Analytics. Heck, you would have dived into it and spent countless hours together. It does a great job of pulling out vital stats from the ocean of data that website analytics can be, and presents it to us in an easy-to-understand… Read More »

A new addition to the collection of community plugins for FusionCharts is the latest GWT plugin created by Fadi Al-Katout of Aurora R&D. This plugin was initially supposed to be a proof of concept for a client, and is now a full fledged plugin. FusionCharts for GWT lets you integrate FusionCharts in your applications in a seamless way, with full support for GXT and Smart GWT.