October 2012

As announced last week, we were at JSFoo, Bangalore, and quite enjoyed chatting with many of the participants, and seeing the growing enthusiasm for JavaScript. Our JavaScript Architect, Shamasis, took stage on Saturday, talking about 'The Clockworks behind a JavaScript Framework that Powers a Billion Charts per Month'. The talk sparked some interesting discussions, including… Read More »

It’s never easy to understand how life’s a journey and not a destination till you take a moment to look back. And when you do, you feel a rush of satisfaction and restlessness all at once. We feel a good measure of both right now, as we pause to reflect on the journey of FusionCharts… Read More »

If you're a JavaScript developer in India, you've probably heard of HasGeek, and their interesting lineup of developer-focused events. One such event is currently underway in Bangalore - JSFoo 2012, which is themed 'JavaScript Everywhere'. One of the sessions features our JavaScript Architect, Shamasis, speaking on the topic 'The Clockworks behind a JavaScript Framework that… Read More »