Data visualizations are integral to the cause of small scale and large scale industries alike. This is because they streamline your planning process and enhance your productivity with statistics like employee performance reports and company insights.  Visualization also is the best way of communicating when your data is enormous. All in all, data visualization tools make it easier to examine and comprehend trends, outliers, and patterns in data. They do this by employing visual components like charts, graphs, and maps. A capable charting or graphing library can give your business insights a much-needed boost. While many use Google Charts, in this article we will discuss a good alternative. Once you’ve decided you need a graphing library, you’ll find a wide range of possibilities. These run to smaller libraries offered by startups to Google Charts. While Google Charts works well, it lacks a few essential features. That is why many chart experts are seeking a Google Charts Alternative. If you’re one of those folks, Then you’re in luck. That is because we’re going to talk about why switching from your existing graphing library to FusionCharts is a game-changer. Continue reading to learn more about this Google Charts Alternative and get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

What Are Some FAQs About FusionCharts?

Before we get started with why FusionCharts is the ideal Google Charts Alternative, let’s answer some FAQs about it and other graphing libraries. These answers will help you decide on your next data visualization framework.

Is Visual Rendering Integral to Your Organization?

The output of your data visualization framework is important. Your graphics and tables must complement your design. They should also be visually appealing to attract user attention. Achieving the right balance between the two will result in a stunning outcome. Creating the ideal rendering for your data is critical. FusionCharts is ideal for this task. This is because it allows you to modify your data and graphing methods and it makes the visualization process easier. You can choose from thousands of pre-built interactive charts and maps to present your data.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small dataset or a gigantic data collection. With FusionCharts you can also rest assured that your company insights and your ideas come across perfectly.

Why is Diversity a Key Component of Charts?

Variety is one of the most important aspects of good data visualization. You need a large selection of templates and charts so you can pick the one that best suits you. FusionCharts is unrivaled in this area, with over 2000 choropleth maps and over 100 charts, graphs, and gauges. Bar, column, or pie charts will ensure your data is highly interactive and appealing to your audience. FusionCharts also includes domain-specific charts like treemaps and Gantt charts.

How Does Extensive Documentation Enhance Client Retention?

Let’s face it, we all make errors when we’re in a hurry. The most aggravating part is when you hit a roadblock and are stranded, with deadlines looming and threatening to overwhelm you. Documentation aids in the retention and happiness of clients. When users begin diagnosing and resolving problems, it saves money on labor and increases the company’s credibility in the industry.  The lack of proper documentation is a major issue that FusionCharts resolves. FusionCharts offers a multitude of tutorials as well as detailed API documentation. From React to .NET, there are detailed demos of all APIs and sample code for all frameworks. You find example code for every chart, graph, gauge, or map in your framework of choice.

What Are FusionCharts Live Dashboards? Are they a Google Charts alternative? 

It is intimidating to come face to face with a slew of unknown features. Because of this, FusionCharts does what no other Google Charts Alternative does — it provides live dashboards as examples. It includes over 20 live dashboards built in a variety of frameworks and their source code. Moreover, it is all available for anybody to download and study. This feature is useful because it allows you to quickly explore all FusionCharts and select the one that best fits your data. You can then fine-tune the code to meet your specific requirements.

How do Stunning Animations Contribute to A Modern Aesthetic?

In this age of social marketing, when a product is rated on its visual attractiveness more than its utility, a modern feel and aesthetic are essential. FusionCharts not only has dashboards to give your data a modern, clean style, but you can also select from pre-built themes or create your own. The animations are simple to create and provide a much more pleasing visual experience. You will seldom need to customize due to the abundance of default configurations in place.

How Does Freedom of Framework Lead to A Low Learning Curve? Is it a better alternative to Google Charts?

Frameworks are a big issue when you work with a large amount of data. With the bulk of Google Chart Alternatives, you only have a few frameworks to choose from. This can be problematic. Fusion Charts, however, supports a wide range of frameworks, including React and Ruby, as well as CDN and NPM, on both the back and front ends. Thanks to the availability of a standard API across all charts, with FusionCharts you can make your own chart in about 15 minutes. You’ll find ready-to-use chart examples, industry-specific dashboards, and even data stories, all with source code so you can get started right away. Smart defaults are another feature that enable you to deeply configure each chart element.

How Do Active Technical Support and Pricing Increase Customer Satisfaction?

A lack of proper technical support is one of the industry’s major issues. A frustrated customer is not a happy customer. When a user gets stuck or needs a policy or function explained, help is critical. Once you install FusionCharts, you don’t have to worry since you get world-class assistance. Furthermore, FusionCharts pricing offers excellent value for money, as well as the ability to adapt or choose flexible plans that accommodate varying team sizes and use cases. This makes using FusionCharts much more enjoyable.

Why Users Will Find FusionCharts To Be A Functionally Superior Alternative To Google Charts?

If you are looking for a Google Charts Alternative, then, there is no better option than FusionCharts. This is because FusionCharts provides tremendous value for money and a vast array of game-changing features. It is a stunning data visualization library that always puts your preferences first. It is also ridiculously simple to create beautiful presentations with FusionCharts due to its versatile APIs. Let’s face it you deserve excellence, not mediocrity. For that reason, FusionCharts should be your choice for the next data visualization library because it has many available installation options (direct JavaScript, CDN, NPM) and is pre-integrated with all popular JavaScript libraries and back-end programming languages. Finally, it has extensive documentation to help you when you get stuck. So What are you waiting for? Join us now and see why FusionCharts is the ideal Google Charts Alternative!

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