Good news for all Joomla folks! You can now add exciting Flash charts to your Joomla 1.5x sites with the latest product from our stable — ARTIO FusionCharts Free for Joomla. FusionCharts Free for Joomla in action The product has been developed in partnership with ARTIO, our technology partners, and uses the popular FusionCharts Free to give you stunning charts without writing a line of code. And yes, as the name suggests, it’s totally free.

What’s special about it?

  1. Animated charts make you look wow: The charts in FusionCharts Free have captivating animation effects and make you look wow to your visitors.
  2. Covers your basic charting needs completely: With all standard chart types like Column, Line and Pie charts provided, all your basic charting needs will totally be taken care of.
  3. Chart Chooser in FusionCharts Free for Joomla
  4. Intuitive GUI makes your work a breeze: It comes with a very easy-to-use GUI using which you can set up your charts quickly and then insert them into your articles. Seriously, how tough can click, type, click be?Intuitive Chart Builder
  5. Advanced features like tooltips and hotspots for powerful reporting: ARTIO FusionCharts Free for Joomla comes packed with powerful features like interactive tooltips, hotspots, number formatting features, scaling options and a lot more so that make your charts never miss a trick.
  6. Integrated Preview for comprehensive customization: Every pixel you change in the chart is instantly reflected in the chart preview. So you know exactly how your charts looks after every change you make, and you know it quickly too.Integrated preview mode for chart
There are a whole lot of other power-packed features in ARTIO FusionCharts Free for Joomla as well. See the complete set of product features to see what it can do for you.

Why is it free?

ARTIO FusionCharts Free for Joomla integrates FusionCharts Free with Joomla’s native work environment. FusionCharts Free is the world’s leading free and open source Flash charting solution which is used by more than 100,000 developers all over the world. We wanted to bring the power and fluid beauty of Flash charting to all Joomla users. And we gave birth to ARTIO FusionCharts Free for Joomla.

Where can I get it from?

You can get your hands now on ARTIO FusionCharts Free for Joomla at and get instructions on installation & usage in the documentation. So where are you looking to use it? Is there something you particularly like about it? Or something we could improve? We would love to know.

Take your data visualization to a whole new level

From column to donut and radar to gantt, FusionCharts provides with over 100+ interactive charts & 2,000+ data-driven maps to make your dashboards and reports more insightful

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5 responses on “ARTIO FusionCharts Free for Joomla released

  1. why is it free?
    why is the individual fusionchart module not free?

  2. @Jack: We have a free and open source offering for FusionCharts as well called FusionCharts Free –
    FusionCharts Free for Joomla makes use of FusionCharts Free itself and hence it is free. Is that wrong? 🙂

  3. is there a limit for the datasets and categories?

  4. There is no limit for the dataset or cat.

  5. hello, i’m test run ARTIO FusionCharts Free on localhost, i make new Charts Manager, then show on front end Joomla 2.5 on Main Menu Manager, but i can’t find Artio FusionChart. Why only show on Module? whats Wrong? Thanks