Plugins, Wrappers, and Export Handlers

These extensions let you easily integrate FusionCharts with the technology of your choice. From AngularJS charts plugin to wrapper for PHP, we have got you covered. To get started, choose the technology stack relevant to your application from the options below.


FusionCharts can be used natively with popular JavaScript frameworks/libraries - jQuery, AngularJS, React, Vue and Ember - using their respective plugins. Click on one of the options below to get started with jQuery charts, AngularJS charts, React charts, Vue charts, Angular4 charts or Ember charts .

jQuery Angular JS Angular JS React JS Vue Fusioncharts Angular 4 Ember


FusionCharts supports integration with following popular server side technologies. Choose the technology of your choice to get started and create beautiful charts in PHP, ASP.NET or Ruby on Rails.

ASP.NET PHP Ruby on Rails JSP Charts Django Chart

Export Handlers

FusionCharts allows you to process chart exports on your own server. Choose the export handler of your choice from below list to start exporting your awesome charts!

ASP.NET PHP Ruby on Rails Java

FusionCharts has been implemented with various technologies by our users, some of these are listed here. If you've developed a wrapper/module/plugin/add-on for FusionCharts or authored an article on how to use FusionCharts, please do let us know at [email protected] and we'll be glad to list the details of your product/article here.