The beloved superheroes born off the comics are conquering silver screens the world over. What kick-started around 2000 with the X-men franchise snowballed with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. The trilogy which was practically a turning point for superhero films saw the first superhero film to pass the $100 million mark. This also set the stage for even bigger blockbusters to follow, like Christopher Nolan’s highly acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy. In fact two films in the The Dark Knight trilogy went on to pass the $1 billion mark in worldwide collections. Today, the highest grossing films of all time feature 3 superhero movies, including the 3rd highest grossing film of all time. The superhero genre of cinema is booming and the trend continues to grow unlike any in the past. Now, at the heels of the latest superflick Man of Steel set to chart new records for the Superman franchise, we take a look at the superhero cinema-scape thus far. Check out these and more in our latest infographic. superheroes-infographics

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