On 1st Feb 2014, we launched a completely new website for FusionCharts after 7 months of intense work. New flat design, comprehensive demos and dashboards, a completely responsive website, zero clutter and a much more well-defined journey through the website among other things. Over a month after the launch, now that we are done fixing the bugs, optimizing the conversions and improving the experience as a whole, we thought it would a good time to give you a look behind what went into the making of what’s a fairly large B2B website with over 400 pages of content (a big part of which is our monstrous demos section).

Why a new website?

Our previous website had served us well for over two years. But over time, it picked up dust and clutter. The world was moving towards cleaner flat designs. More and more people were accessing our website from mobile phones where the experience was terrible. The performance was slow because of our legacy architecture (we were using IIS) and got even slower with all the additions we made to the website. We needed to solve all of these, and prepare for what we will need in the future. For a website our size, it takes some courage to dive into a complete redesign knowing that it would be a 6-month process if not longer. It only gets multiplied by the fact that we do it all in-house. But after we gathered the courage, we set out on 7-month journey which is described in the PPT. Right from the objectives we set ourselves to the technology decisions we made to how we implemented SEO, the PPT takes a detailed look at the complete process and finally the results we saw. We think you will find it useful. [slideshare id=32796133&doc=redesigning-the-fusioncharts-website-140327015733-phpapp01&w=599&h=487] What do you think? What do you like most about our new website? What could we have done better? We would love to know.

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From column to donut and radar to gantt, FusionCharts provides with over 100+ interactive charts & 2,000+ data-driven maps to make your dashboards and reports more insightful

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