So the last time you got drunk what did you do? Danced on a table? Went ahead and asked her out? Or, simply drank and drank till the time you actually passed out? Well, we all have our share of drunk moments but we seem to be having some never-ending drunk chart moments too. So here’s our second set of drunk charts from around the world. (See our first set of drunk charts.) And before we begin, here’s our new favorite “Go home, you’re drunk” meme. Go home Apple, you’re drunk!

Honey, I blew up the kid

Fox News Column chart where y-axis does not start with zero

(Source: @DanaDanger)

Fox News seems to be a repeat offender in our list of drunk charts. With the y-axis avoiding the zero, the difference between the columns looks much bigger than it actually is.

Honey, I shrunk the kids

Madhya Pradesh estimated vote share

(Source: FirstPost)

In 2013, though INC and BJP have more vote share than in 2008, their columns are smaller…it seems somebody just shrunk them.

Is it my head or is it the wheel that’s spinning?

Usability Problem Severity Across 25 Websites

(Source: Jakob Nielsen, Nielsen Norman Group)

Usability problems…heck yeah! Recommended detox:5 tips to increase the usability of your charts instantly

It’s not just the alcohol!

Stacked column

(Source: TechnicallyFunny)

This definitely seems to be tripping on something else. Recommended detox:Choosing the right chart type: Line charts vs Area charts Stay tuned for more such drunk chart moments and feel free to add yours in the comments. Till next time…cheers! Cheers

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