Happy December! we closed the book on another year—and what a year it was!! We figured this month would be a great time for some reflection. So we’re taking a moment to look back on all the ways FusionCharts changed this year

Taking a look back at all the ways FusionCharts changed this year

Since day one, we didn’t just release new features, but we never stopped improving existing ones, and we have really delivered on that promise.

Motivated by our users, we poured everything we had into our community of users to provide the best service all around. This started from within the platform, adding new chart types, various maps, and a plethora of charting features to help you create dashboards that look stunning, with interactive animations for the end user.

We then turned to our peers, seeking ways to improve our customers’ experience using FusionCharts alongside other front-end and back-end frameworks. This translated into a heap of new integrations, and updates including:

And the list goes on! 🚀

But we didn’t stop there! we are also thrilled to announce a remarkable achievement for our newly launched Blazor integration with FusionCharts! In just its first week since release, the integration has already garnered an impressive 300 downloads.

This milestone not only validates the demand for our product but also motivates us to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower developers and businesses alike.

Cheers to a fantastic start and many more milestones on the horizon!

Our year in numbers

In the whirlwind year of 2023, we stayed committed to growing by 1% every day, both as a team and as a product. And when you add all of those percentages together, the outcome is pretty incredible.

One of our favorite year-end pastimes is to look back on that very thing. So, how many apps are currently using FusionCharts in 2023?

Drumroll, please. 👀

FusionCharts is powering 3 out of every 100 charts created in 2023 alone.

Those weren’t the only noteworthy numbers from 2023 though, we are happy to raise our glasses here at FusionCharts to the:

Exceeded 700+ threads on Stack Overflow

Our foremost commitment is to deliver not just the industry’s finest customer service but to create an unparalleled customer service experience. Our dedicated team operates tirelessly every day of the year to not only address your support tickets but also ensure prompt responses to your inquiries on Stack Overflow. Anticipate our forthcoming initiative to offer instantaneous, real-time 24/7 customer service in the upcoming year.

Surpassed 500+ blog post articles on FusionBrew

Our team of writers has been hard at work all year crafting content to inform you about anything and everything data visualization-related.

Here are some of our recent articles from our FusionBrew blog:

Outstripped 6000+ posts on social media

We’ve officially soared past 6000 posts on social media, a testament to our vibrant community and dedicated team. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this milestone—here’s to many more engaging conversations and shared successes ahead! 🚀🎉

Reached 100K+ followers on social media

We couldn’t ask for a better group of users — without you, none of this would have been possible. Without you, FusionCharts would not exist in the same form it does today.

Thank you to the 100K+ followers who joined us in our journey across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Held 1,820 Zoom Meetings

This one was a little tricky as there were always a few last-minute that snuck in, but if we’re looking at the regularly scheduled meetings such as monthly all-hands and weekly standups, we took the remote world by storm!

We’re so grateful for every single one of you who helped make this amazing year possible! We couldn’t do it without the incredible people behind the numbers who make it all worthwhile!

Celebrating our integration partners

Our partnership program blossomed in its infancy this year as we were able to bring on 98 integration partners.

These dedicated partners play a pivotal role in extending the reach and impact of FusionCharts across diverse markets and industries. Their unwavering commitment to promoting our data visualization solutions has not only contributed to our growth but has also empowered countless businesses with the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Each partner is a valued member of the FusionCharts family, and we extend our deepest appreciation for their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm in championing our products. Thank you for being an indispensable part of the FusionCharts ecosystem!

Interested in partnering with FusionCharts? Reach out to us at [email protected]

What’s in store for FusionCharts in 2024?

FusionCharts was founded on a promise to help companies go from idea to product quickly

While a lot of the heavy-lifting behind lies in making sure your customers want to have data visualizations in your product, and assuming you have your data sources all set up, we believe that offering capabilities to help companies go from prototype to a finished product in weeks instead of months – allowing them to validate product ideas quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

But going into 2024, we’re taking it a step further. We’ve always led the charge in providing cutting-edge data visualization features, and we’re doing it again today with the introduction of generative AI—an advancement that’s guaranteed to change the way you work, forever.

Stay tuned to meet the only AI-powered javascript charting assistant tailored to your needs. If you’re already using FusionCharts, we have some exciting news for you 🤫

A Heartfelt Thank You 💜!

Before we collectively toast our Negroni Sbagliatos in celebration of another productive year at FusionCharts, we want to acknowledge that 2023 was an incredible challenge for so many people, on every level.

As fun as it is to look back on all of the good things that happened, 2023 was not without its trials and tribulations, many of which continue to plague the world even as we enter 2024.

In the spirit of the new year, new beginnings, and new opportunities, these hurdles have only reinforced the fact that we are a community. And a strong one, at that!

We are entering the new year feeling excited about the future of our product, energized by its momentum, and committed to delivering the best service to our community of charting junkies.

Love you. 💜

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