With the FIFA World Cup around the corner and everyone else talking about it, we felt very “uncool.” Being the brave resilient boys that we are (did you know that?), we decided to do something about it. But there’s only one thing we do well – make great charts. So we researched a lot on FIFA World Cup stats (read: spent precisely 23 minutes at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_FIFA_World_Cup), did some quick mockups, fired up our charts and made our first infographic ever. Take a look. (Click for a bigger clearer picture) FIFA World Cup Infographic

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11 responses on “FIFA World Cup 2010: Stats, Winners, Betting Odds & More

  1. 2010 world cup final spain v/s england

  2. Pretty cool World Cup tracker/infographic

  3. actually, a world cup with 32 teams have 64 matches… so this infographic is wrong

  4. like the world cup charts..
    I wrote Infographic article my blog for Japanese .
    If there is Japanese , I wish you to read this .
    Three knacks of “Do not fail” about Infographic making – ITmedia Blog