Today we turn six. It was October 23rd, 2002 when FusionCharts was first released to the public. And here we are now, six years older and wiser, telling you the story of how we grew up. When we were starting off, people did not take Flash seriously. It was considered a tool used to make ‘cool’ animations which could be put up on personal homepages. We challenged ourselves to change the world, or at least what it thought of Flash. We set ourselves a goal – to change the way web developers created charts for their applications, by leveraging interactive options provided by Macromedia Flash (version 5 then). And to achieve all this, we had one developer who did all the coding, documentation, sales and customer support and changed accents when you thought the call had been transferred from the sales to the technical department. We were putting up in a one-room office in a residential apartment which had enough space for the “developer” to stretch his hands and legs, one at a time. We had no revenue, no venture capital, no nothing except the little seed capital saved by our founder from his consulting gigs and a previous rudimentary charting product, whose complete sales database is still intact in his mind. Six years down the line, today we boast of:
  • Almost 12,000 customers and 250,000 downloads across 100 countries
  • A dozen products, including 2 free products and another 3 in beta, that comprehensively cover various aspects of data visualization
  • A team of 20 professionals passionate about what they do, with no one needing to fake accents anymore 
  • Our achievement in convincing web developers that Flash charting does function beautifully in their applications 
  • Being able to inspire so many rip-offs of FusionCharts
We would like to take this opportunity to heartily thank all our customers, users and well-wishers, without whose support, criticisms and feedback, we would not have not have been able to achieve this milestone. Thank you all! If you’re in and around Kolkata (India), join us for the party on Saturday – pizzas and beers are on us!  Just drop us an email at support [at] beforehand to let us know if you like extra cheese on your pizza. Ahead of us lie great challenges and opportunities. We’re striving our best to deliver even better data visualization components for your applications. FusionCharts v4 is currently under development and will be out in another 6-7 months with exciting new capabilities and features – look out for it, it might just change the world! Or, at least our developers think so!

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From column to donut and radar to gantt, FusionCharts provides with over 100+ interactive charts & 2,000+ data-driven maps to make your dashboards and reports more insightful

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8 responses on “Happy sixth anniversary FusionCharts

  1. CONGRATULATIONS FUSION CHARTS Team!! Your product has been phenomenal and about 3 years ago after extensive search for a decent charting product for our web based application tool, I stumbled across your website and it was the best experience ever. I have recommended your product to multiple folks and I am glad to see you prosper. Great product, no-non sense licensing and simplicity of integration is what the success to your product is. Wish you guys the very best of luck. I’ll sure be checking out your offerings in the future as well.

  2. Thanks a lot Joe. I sincerely hope that you’ll continue enjoying our products.

  3. I have been using as well as recommending your software for over 5 years now. It is a wonderful product that is easy to use. You and your team have done and outstanding job improving the application and expanding the available graphing options. I wish you all much continued success!!

  4. Yes it is a good product. But the sales part of your company is not on the top. We ordered FusionChart v3 end of September and we hadn’t got it yet in the middle of November. However we sent money by proform invoice we cannot continue our development process. We wrote many email to support address without replies. So we know it is a very usefull product, but it seems to be unreachable…

  5. Hi Mikro,
    I sincerely apologize for the same. Can you please let me have your order Id/email so that I can track the same and get back to you? Did you purchase through any of our resellers?

  6. Happy Birthday Folks! Well done indeed.
    That being said, I can’t find the “free” version I had before. Would you be so good as to give me the download name/address.
    I owned my own business for years. Like you it was small at first. They say “If you make it for three years, you’re going to make it”
    That was true for us both.
    with respect,