Data visualization tools play a critical role in the day-to-day operation of most small and large businesses. They are important for monitoring routine operations and delivering key company insights and employee performance. They also empower decision-makers to make informed decisions and make strategic plans for the future. When you are deciding which data charting and graphing library is best for your organization, you will find there are many tools on the market. Even Google has Google Charts for exactly this purpose. However, for many reasons developers and data scientists are switching to a Google charts alternative. That alternative is FusionCharts, a beautiful and incredibly fast data presentation library. FusionCharts offers intelligent features that take your data visualization experience to a whole new level. Here is a guide on how to get more results out of FusionCharts, the great Google Charts alternative.

Which Charts Library is Superior To Google Charts?

FusionCharts FusionCharts is the best library for data visualization. Not only does it efficiently and accurately plot data points, it also has beautiful and effective user interfaces. It is a great Google Charts alternative when it comes to reliability, ease of use, customizability, responsiveness, interactive interfaces, and much more.

Can FusionCharts Beat Google Charts in Terms of User Interaction?

FusionCharts Of course! Compared to Google charts, FusionCharts allows all kinds of user interactions. Google Charts has no support for panning, zooming, scrolling, and drill-downs. FusionCharts, on the other hand, provides all these features in addition to support for interactive legends, informative tooltips, and intelligent label management. It also has annotations, custom themes, and additional on-chart drawing tools. If you want to learn more, then visit the FusionCharts Feature Showcase.

Is FusionCharts a Google Charts Alternative in Terms of Variety of Charts?

Chart variety Yes absolutely! FusionCharts supports a wide variety of charts, gauges, and data-driven maps. With Google Charts, however, you can only create the more commonly used and popular charts. The more domain-specific charts are not available. With FusionCharts you can make Marimekko charts to depict market shares, Pareto charts that combine line charts and column charts, Funnel and pyramid charts to plot streamlined data, and Sunburst charts for hierarchical data. Furthermore, FusionCharts also supports 3D charts as well as real-time charts that live stream data. To learn more, explore 100+ charts and 2000+ maps.

 Is FusionCharts More Customizable than Google Charts?

Custom charts A data visualization tool that offers out-of-the-box solutions cannot possibly have options for every project requirement. Because of this, customizability is a very important part of any charting or graphing library. FusionCharts always keeps the needs of all its customers in mind.  That is why it gives you the flexibility to configure everything from axis labels to legends, chart colors, and styles. You can even customize themes, change the size of visualizations, add custom annotations, and add captions and sub-captions. To learn more, visit Customize Data Plots.

Is There a Google Charts Alternative that Allows Event Handling?

FusionCharts, the Google Charts alternative, has awesome event handling capabilities. You can write your own listeners for almost every type of event related to data loading and updating. It also supports mouse and keyboard events so you can create highly responsive and interactive charts and graphs. Compare this to Google Charts, which has no support for lifecycle events, plot events, and data events. In contrast, FusionCharts lets you add functionality for annotation events, plot events, legend events, slicing events, chart label events, data events, and much more. Learn more on how to work with events/APIs.

What Kind of Support and Documentation is Available for FusionCharts?

FusionCharts support FusionCharts has a dedicated support team available 24/7 over email, live chat, and dedicated forums. When stuck with an issue, you can get an immediate response within minutes — you don’t have to wait for days to get a reply on GitHub. In addition to reliable support staff, FusionCharts comes with extensive documentation and code examples for all types of frameworks. There are also complete code examples and tutorials on implementing different business dashboards using various technologies. All tutorials support the standardized ES6 conventions enabling you to implement them into your project right away. Explore more tutorials, examples, and dashboards.

What About Data Loading Capabilities?

Time series chart features Large datasets with millions of records are increasingly common. Because of this, we optimized FusionCharts to handle millions of data points with high-quality performance. It also has built-in functionality like time navigator, date range selectors, tooltips with crosslines, for plotting massive volumes of data. Moreover, your users can scroll, pan, and zoom to get detailed insights or summarized views. Learn more by visiting FusionTime.

Which Frameworks Does FusionCharts, the Google Charts Alternative Support?

To create charts and graphs in FusionCharts, you need minimal coding experience. It is straightforward to install, and you can use it on all types of popular frameworks like Svelte, Ruby on Rails, Django, React, Vue and more. To learn more, visit integrations.

Are You Ready To Make the Most of Your Data Visualization Experience?

Of course, you are! Compared to Google charts, FusionCharts is the smarter and more superior choice. It has superb data plotting capabilities, beautiful and aesthetic data presentations, robust data handling, a reliable support team, extensive tutorials with code examples, and more! Never go for the ordinary when you have perfection and excellence within your reach. Start using FusionCharts today and make the most of your data!   Analysis of Google Charts was completed 3/22/2022.

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