FusionCharts for Flex v1 has been released. After 2 Beta releases and extensive feedback from our wonderful beta testers and users, FusionCharts for Flex is now commercially available to add the “wow” factor to your Flex solutions. If you weren’t tuned into our Beta releases, here’s reiterating some of the major highlights of FusionCharts for Flex:
  • 45 chart types spanning both 2D & 3D – In addition to the general charts comprising of single-series, multi-series, stacked and combination charts, it also offers unique charts like Scroll Charts, True 3D Chart, Spline Charts, Funnel & Pyramid Charts and the newly added Scatter & Bubble Charts. So as we like to put it, your data will always have the right face – and a beautiful one at that.
  • Improved drag & drop support in Flex Builder IDE – Just dragging the FusionCharts for Flex component from the toolbar into your project gives you your first chart which has been provided with default data.
  • No learning curve involved – FusionCharts for Flex smartly abstracts the internals of FusionCharts, thereby exposing Flex APIs and events that are already familiar to you. Using the numerous data connection APIs, you can natively connect to data stored in Flex structures like Array, XMLList, Model etc. and even other data sources like Blaze DS and webservices to fuel your charts.
  • Extensive documentation and code samples to glide you through all the integration aspects.
So why FusionCharts for Flex when the world is already bestowed with Adobe Flex charts? When it comes to your really elementary charting needs, then the Flex charts have you covered. But when you are talking serious charting, the Flex charts fall short of what you would really desire. And that’s where we come in either fully or partially. Apart from the highlights we already talked about, here’s why you would like to use FusionCharts for Flex :
  • More chart types, including Funnel, Pyramid, Scatter, Bubble and true-3D charts. And yes, we’re soon coming with gauges as well.
  • File size issues? Are you worried about your file size increasing with all the swfs being packed into one when using Flex charts? Worry not, because FusionCharts for Flex allows you to load the charts as and when you need. The charts are present as external SWF files that can be loaded on-demand.
  • Unique interactivity options – FusionCharts for Flex offers interactivity options like the slicing/rotation in pie and doughnut charts, 3D capabilities in True 3D charts, 2D to 3D and vice versa, view-state change in Funnel, Pyramid and Pie charts etc.
  • Lots of configuration options for each chart that help you configure both the functional and cosmetic aspects of each chart to your eternal satisfaction.
The licensing and pricing have also been finalized and this is how it stands:
  • Developer License for $299 per developer. This license allows a developer to use FusionCharts for Flex in all the projects that he develops.
  • Enterprise License for $1,499. This license allows a business with multiple developers located in a single physical building to use FusionCharts for Flex in all their Flex projects.
  • OEM License for $2,499. This license allows an ISV to embed FusionCharts for Flex in their Flex product for distribution to unlimited clients.
 You can get more details about the product, download a no-restriction evaluation copy and purchase it from www.fusioncharts.com/flex We would like to thank all our Beta testers and while this may sound straight out of the Oscars but you guys are awesome. We look forward to hearing what you think about FusionCharts for Flex v1.

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