We turned eight today. Last year, on this very day we said: “On the 22nd of October, we turn 7 and we give to ourselves what we have given the world all these years. A delicious pie.” (Hint hint: 22/7 = 3.14 = pi) While we couldn’t think of any interesting numerical coincidence this year (except that today’s date 10/22/2010 adds to 8), just like last year, I would like to quickly take you down memory lane and talk about the exciting things we have been up to in the past year. Just like an eight-year old, our appetite is now growing and we are putting on weight. We are coming out with v3.2 for all our other products shortly – PowerCharts, FusionWidgets and FusionMaps. We are also releasing FusionCharts for SharePoint and an improved version of oomfo.  We have replaced the lego blocks with smarter things. About the weight, it’s just the extra cheese. Also like an eight-year old, we would need our parents to guide and tell us what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s you. Let us know when we go wrong and what we could do better. For the time being, just drop a smile in the comments and warm our hearts!

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3 responses on “We turn 8 today!

  1. Link to oomfo is http://oom/ – which is 404 🙂

  2. congratulations!