We finally have a blog. That’s not exactly the best of starting lines after months of procrastination but yeah, we have a blog. Why a blog? Everyone else had one – we felt like outcasts. That apart, we want to be able to talk to you – direct and personal. We will also let you have a sneak peek inside the FusionCharts camp and see what we are up to. Also (are we over-using the word? We just have too many reasons), we want to share tips and tricks of how to use FusionCharts better and show some of the current implementations and get feedback from you on our products which are under development. If you have been wondering where we have been hibernating all these days:
  • We’ve just released FusionCharts v3.0.7, which features the first true 3D chart in the suite. This chart supports interactive client side rotation and scaling. You can drag and drop the chart to rotate or use any of the right click options to interact with the chart. Some examples of the chart can be seen as under: 3D Column Chart 3D Combination Chart Additionally, we’ve added the new ASP and PHP API for FusionCharts to help developers easily include FusionCharts in their products. More on this is present in our documentation. Existing customers can download the free upgrade from our Product Upgrade Center.
  • We have also been working on FusionCharts for Flex – a port of FusionCharts for Adobe Flex. A very early prototype (still buggy) can be seen here. We would love to have any feedback from you on this. Another post containing a detailed description of this would follow soon.
  • We also released v2 of FusionCharts for FileMaker Pro this month. This version features the new funnel and pyramid charts and also brand new APIs and libraries, which make it easier for FileMaker developers to include FusionCharts in their FileMaker solutions.
Currently, we are working on a brand new version of FusionCharts – v4, which will feature a lot of enhancements and will be coded in ActionScript 3.0. We expect to release the roadmap of v4 publicly by end of October.

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One response on “Welcome to the FusionCharts Blog

  1. “…We expect to release the roadmap of v4 publicly by end of October…”
    Do you have any information to disclose about the upcoming v4?