As we still decide on what to write for our next few posts, we thought it wouldn’t be too bad to write a self boasting post. And lo – here we are reporting who uses FusionCharts and the numbers associated with it – we’ll try our best not to make it sound like a marketing post – but hey, these are actual facts and figures.


FusionCharts suite of products currently has 11,213 unique customers, not including any multiple license sales or OEM license sales, spread across 100 countries. US comprises just under 50% of our customers, followed by European countries and then other countries. Some of our customers include: Apple, Oracle, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Cisco, Facebook, Sungard, Intel, Expedia, BEA, Sony Music, Deloitte, John Deere, TEMIS, Ericsson, Siemens, Bausch & Lomb, Cox Communications, Xerox, Excel Systems, United Airlines, Lyris, Daimler Chrysler (UK), Emirates Bank,, GE Capcom, Verizon, Ernst & Young, FedEx, DHL, JPMorgan Chase, AT&T Wireless Services, BT, Siemens, Bank of America, Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc.


In terms of users, the number of direct downloads of our products from our website are as under:
  • FusionCharts (all versions) – 138,743
  • FusionCharts Free (both v1 and v2) – 57,732
  • FusionWidgets (all versions) – 30,343
  • FusionMaps (all versions) – 41,548
Figures as of 24th September, 2008


Some of the popular websites which use FusionCharts are:

Technologies used with

While we do not have exact numbers on the platforms that FusionCharts is used with, most of our users use it with ASP.NET, PHP, ASP, JSP/Servlets, Ruby on Rails. FusionCharts is also used with a variety of other technologies/frameworks which we’ve not documented like Python, Lotus Notes, SalesForce, Facebook Apps, GWT, Drupal, Joomla, Dojo toolkit, Prototype, SharePoint, Turbogears, Sage etc. You may find details on few of these implementations here . Note: If you’re using FusionCharts innovatively and wish to showcase the same here, just drop us an email at support [at]

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