Version 3.20.x

Version 3.20

24th March, 2023

New Features

  • FusionCharts version 3.20 introduces a new method, _changeXAxisCoordinates, which allows users to change the x-axis to be centered-aligned upon legend or data interaction automatically.
  • FusionCharts version 3.20 updated Angular integration to support Angular versions 14 and 15.
  • FusionCharts version 3.20 updated React Native plugin to support React Native versions 0.68 and 0.69.
  • FusionCharts version 3.20 updated the wrappers for Python, C#, and Java SDK to the latest supported versions.
  • FusionCharts version 3.20 added the new property orientedTextAlign, which allows users to align the axis text.


  • FusionCharts version 3.20 improved the chart’s resizing functionality for gauges. By adding an or condition to the colorRange method, resizing the chart container adjusts the chart’s width accordingly.
  • FusionCharts version 3.20 improved the Radial Bar chart by adding support to mouse click events such as dataPlotClick, and dataPlotRollOver and includes the new plotEventHandler method to bind the mouse events with the chart events.
  • FusionCharts version 3.20 improved the Time Navigator time format to match the x-axis labels' time format.
  • FusionCharts version 3.20 includes the possibility to configure the width for the legend container with the new disableLegendScroll property, which, when set to 1, disables the scrollbar giving the legend container the necessary space.


  • Fixed the issue when using a custom font for a chart; some special characters ($,%,&, etc.) were not supported and displayed incorrectly during export when useCanvas was enabled. Characters now show correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a JS error showed when hovering data plots while updating data using setChartData(). Now, the console shows no errors.
  • Fixed the issue where Scatter charts using setJSONData to update datasource rendered the chart incorrectly. Now, Scatter charts render correctly when using setJSONData to update the datasource.
  • Fixed the issue where the chart annotation’s methods, addGroup and destroy, were not working correctly. Now, annotations are displayed and working as expected.
  • Fix the issue where charts were not rendering in expo-published apps. Now charts display as expected for expo-published apps for all platforms.
  • Fix the issue where the fill color did not update for the Real-time Cylinder chart. Now, the feedData() method updates the fill color correctly.