Automated tools for plotting, charting, and illustrating data and its underlying properties play an important role in any business or corporation. They are required for visually observing the current trends and forecasting the future. Whether you are developing a market strategy, planning future investments or analyzing the financial situation, you need an app that can create charts and graphs of data. While there are many charting tools and libraries out there, FusionCharts is one platform that stands out in terms of its reliability, ease of use, interactivity, and customization. Here we list down 6 compelling reasons why developers always choose FusionCharts (our Google Charts alternative) over Google charts to build highly customizable and interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs.

Reason 1: FusionCharts Supports an Immense Variety of Chart Types

Let’s look a the type of charts supported by both platforms. FusionCharts supports 100+ charts, gauges and graphs. It also facilitates 2000+ choropleth maps. As we can see below, Google Charts does not support domain specific charts like Marimekko and Pareto Charts for financial applications. It also does not support Sunburst, Chord and 3D charts.

Chat Type


Google Charts

Column & Bar

Line & Area

Pie & Donut

Stacked Charts

Combination / Mixed Charts

Bubble and Scatter Charts

Market Share / Marimekko Charts

Pareto Charts

Gauges, KPIs & Widgets


Funnel & Pyramid

Bullet & Sparkline

(Image Only)

Realtime Charts

Heat & Treemaps

Radar / Spider Charts

Waterfall / Cascade Charts

Node Diagram

Statistical Charts

Stock Charts




Chorpleth Maps

3D Charts

Box & Whisker

Image only

Reason 2: FusionCharts Are 100% Customizable

One of the many things you’ll love about FusionCharts is that almost everything is customizable. So from the captions to axis label to point color, everything is customizable and adaptable to the user’s requirements. As we can see in the table below that in addition to many other features, FusionCharts supports adding additional drawing tools in charts and is 100% compatible with mobile devices.



Google Charts

Legend Customization

Informative Tooltip

Customization of Tooltip


Number Formatting

Intelligent Label Management

Live Data

Animation API

Input data format




Inverse Axis

Smart Plot Colouring



Custom Themes

Additional Drawing tools(on chart)

Only CSV, HTML table

Mobile Responsiveness

Automatically adjusts to screen size

Section 508 & Accessibility

Reason 3: FusionCharts Allow User Interactions

You can build interactive user charts and maps with FusionCharts. Panning, zooming, scaling and drag options are not supported by Google charts and are rarely available in other platforms. The table below compares some of the user interactions and shows why FusionCharts is a superior choice.



Google Charts

Region Selection

Scatter and zoom charts


Zooming and Scrolling



Interactive Legends

Reason 4: With FusionCharts You Can Define Event Listeners For Almost All Event Types

The chart below shows that, unlike Google charts, FusionCharts supports event handlers for almost all types of events. Developers can create highly interactive dashboards according to their users’ requirements.



Google Charts

Lifecycle Events

Plot Events

Data Events

Chart Events

Mouse Events

Interactions (Zoom, Drag, Scroll)

Chart Labels Events

Axis Events

Annotations Events

Plot Events

Legend Events

Slicing Events

Error Handling Events

Reason 5: FusionCharts Comes With Comprehensive Documentation and Support

In addition to API references and code examples, FusionCharts comes with complete and comprehensive documentation for all types of charts. The tutorials support the standardized ES6 for easier implementation in your projects.

Reason 6: FusionCharts Supports All Popular Frameworks

FusionCharts library is very easy to install and can be called from almost all the popular frameworks like Svelte, Ruby on Rails, Django, React and Vue, just to name a few.

Want to Take a Deeper Dive into the FusionCharts vs. Google Charts Comparison?

Head over and check out our full Javascript chart comparison guide.

Are You Ready to Get Started with FusionCharts?

In terms of options for plotting data, interactivity, customizability, event handling, documentation, and integration with other platforms, FusionCharts is an obvious superior and smarter choice over Google charts. It is easy to use and offers a wide variety of options for building beautiful dashboards and stunning charts, graphs, and maps. Don’t wait, start exploring the great features of FusionCharts. Sign up for your free trial today and make the most of your data now.

Take your data visualization to a whole new level

From column to donut and radar to gantt, FusionCharts provides with over 100+ interactive charts & 2,000+ data-driven maps to make your dashboards and reports more insightful

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