Why choose FusionCharts over Google Charts?

Whether you’re looking for domain-specific charts like Marimekko and Pareto for financial applications or trying to give a modern look to your charts with the Chord diagram, FusionCharts is the way to go
Column & Bar
Line & Area
Pie & Donut
Stacked Charts
Combination / Mixed Charts
Bubble and Scatter Charts
Market Share / Marimekko Charts
Pareto Charts
Gauges, KPIs & Widgets
Funnel & Pyramid
Bullet & Sparkline (Image Only)
Realtime Charts
Heat & Treemaps
Radar / Spider Charts
Waterfall / Cascade Charts
Node Diagram
Statistical Charts
Stock Charts
Chorpleth Maps
3D Charts
Box & Whisker (Image Only)
Blends in perfectly with your tech stack

Blends in perfectly with your tech stack

From giving backward compatibility, having official plugins, to a stable roadmap, FusionCharts has always been a developer-first product. Which is why we support all the popular frameworks from the good ‘ol jQuery to the most modern Svelte and .NET to Ruby on Rails.

In-depth documentation with ES6 examples to build your dashboards quickly

In-depth documentation with ES6 examples to build your dashboards quickly

FusionCharts documentation not only offers API references but also easy-to-follow tutorials for every chart and configuration. These tutorials also support ES6 conventions—you can implement them in your project right away with certainty. And the best part? All these tutorials are present in over 10+ frameworks and languages such as React, Vue, Svelte, Ruby on Rails, Django, etc.

Customize every interaction and feature to your needs

FusionCharts does not just provide 100+ charts but also the ability to customize every single interaction and attribute. Can’t believe your eyes? Check out this table below:
Drilldown Charts
Region SelectionOnly for scatter and Zoom charts
Zooming and Scrolling
Label Links
Interactive Legends
Legend Customization
Informative Tooltip
Customization of Tooltip
Regression Lines
Number Formatting
Glass Effect on Plots
Intelligent Label Management
Live Data
Animation API
Input data formatJSON, XMLCSV, JSON
Inverse Axis
Smart Plot Colouring
Annotation Macros
Custom Themes
External Logo
Additional Drawing tools(on chart) Only CSV, HTML table
Mobile Responsiveness (Automatically adapts to screen size)
Section 508 & Accessibility
Your issues resolved in minutes!

Your issues resolved in minutes!

We offer support via email, live chat, and our forum. You can get help in a few minutes unlike waiting for replies on GitHub for days.

Free live examples in the choice of your framework for inspiration

Free live examples in the choice of your framework for inspiration

We provide over 20 live dashboards with source code, which will serve as an inspiration to build amazing dashboards and plan your architecture accordingly.

Listen to events for every single interaction and component

FusionCharts lets you listen to every event for interactions and components so that you can customize the behavior as per your needs.
Lifecycle Eventss
Plot Events
Data Events
Chart Events
Mouse Events
Interactions (Zoom, Drag, Scroll)
Chart Labels Events
Axis Events
Annotations Events
Plot Events
Legend Events
Slicing Events
Error Handling Events
Export the entire dashboard, not just a single chart on your server

Export the entire dashboard, not just a single chart on your server

Planning to send dashboards via email or allow them to export in PDF or simply generate charts on the server? Use FusionExport to export the entire dashboard to PDF, PNG. etc. Oh, it comes with SDKs for C#, Java, Python, Node.js, and PHP. No biggie!

Don't just take our word! Look what our customers are saying

Thank you for all your help!! This is what I call GREAT customer service. I am very glad Dell decided to purchase this product as your help has made it worth every penny.

Ryan Jeffords,

This is a great application, it saves a lot of time and although I would like to say the 'Wow' factor is because of the great data I provide; I know that it is more likely due to the presentation that FusionCharts has made possible.

Jonathan Rickard,

Best money I have ever spent on a useful piece of application software. Ideal for the management reporting that Electric Penguin delivers to its clients.

Paul Smith,

FusionCharts and [Fusion]Maps offered us a clean and dynamic way of displaying information on our site. We used a combination of drill-down maps and charts to create a very interactive model of Native American Service Centers across the US. We could not have done it without Fusion components.

Cherylyn Stoltman,

FusionCharts CapterraFusionCharts CapterraFusionCharts Capterra

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