September 2008

Yesterday, we released the beta version of our Adobe Flex Charting Component - FusionCharts for Flex. FusionCharts for Flex is essentially a Flex component that enables you to load and manipulate FusionCharts SWF files in your Flex 2 and Flex 3 projects. It provides an API that helps you create and manipulate the charts from… Read More »

Who uses FusionCharts?

As we still decide on what to write for our next few posts, we thought it wouldn't be too bad to write a self boasting post. And lo - here we are reporting who uses FusionCharts and the numbers associated with it - we'll try our best not to make it sound like a marketing… Read More »

We finally have a blog. That's not exactly the best of starting lines after months of procrastination but yeah, we have a blog.

Why a blog? Everyone else had one - we felt like outcasts. That apart, we want to be able to talk to you - direct and personal. We will also let you have a sneak peek inside the FusionCharts camp and see what we