March 2014

This is the fifth and final post in our series ‘Principles of Data Visualization’ #PoDV In the past few weeks we discussed the goals of data visualization, and how preattentive attributes and analytical patterns enable us to process visual information. However, when designing visualizations we often want to highlight certain aspects of the visual over… Read More »

On 1st Feb 2014, we launched a completely new website for FusionCharts after 7 months of intense work. New flat design, comprehensive demos and dashboards, a completely responsive website, zero clutter and a much more well-defined journey through the website among other things. Over a month after the launch, now that we are done fixing… Read More »

This is the first post in our Data Visualization Spotlight series where we showcase how different organizations are using data visualization and analytics to solve their day to day problems. Each week, more than 245 million customers visit their 10,900 stores and 10 websites worldwide. With sales of approximately $466 billion in fiscal year 2013… Read More »

This is the fourth post in our series ‘Principles of Data Visualization’ #PoDV Over the past few weeks we’ve been discussing the goals of data visualization, and how our eyes and brain process visual information. This week we’ll go deeper than the physical process, and understand the fundamentals of visual processing. First, let’s look at… Read More »

This is the third post in our series ‘Principles of Data Visualization’ #PoDV We started off this series discussing the importance of data visualization in business, and then moved to the two goals in data visualization - explanation, and exploration. Now that we're aware of how data visualization functions in business scenarios, let's dive into… Read More »

This is the second post in our series ‘Principles of Data Visualization’ #PoDV Whether you create visualizations for product dashboards, or interact with them in your day-to-day work, one way to get the most out of visualizations is to understand the goal behind any visualization. It sets the right expectations before you begin to create… Read More »

How do you translate the deluge of disconnected data that surrounds you into useful information? Effectively visualizing data and making it available as actionable insight is a critical imperative to solve the data riddle. Data visualization is not a new concept. Think of the cave paintings which our ancestors used centuries ago. Think of the… Read More »